ZigBee Light Switch Enables ZigBee Home Automation For Lighting

ZigBee is a wireless communication protocol based on radio frequency. It’s widely used for home automation and internet of things. It enables to manage home devices including light switch, blind, door lock, smoke detector, thermostats and plenty of more.

Wireless Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Control Light Touch Switch 86A ZigBee system shall encompass three parts: coordinators (gateway), routers and end devices. A coordinator or gateway is answerable for forming ZigBee network or bridging to other networks and adding routers and end devices to the network or remove them from the network. As well as running an application function, a router can act as an intermediate router, passing on data from other devices. A router can start operation only when it has establishes connection with coordinator. End device contains just enough functionality to speak to the parent node (either the coordinator or a router); it cannot relay data from other devices. This relationship allows the node to be asleep a significant amount of the time thereby giving long battery life.

ZigBee light switch is ZigBee Pro enabled end device which might be added to the network by coordinator or gateway from APP interface on smart phone or PC interface. Once added, the light dimmer switch will be controlled directly from gateway APP interface. ZigBee remotes are also end devices that can be added to the network and bind the light switch so from APP interface so that it could possibly control the light switch. Each network can contain up to 65000 devices. ZigBee is a low cost wireless solution incorporates power saving mechanisms for all device classes, plus support for battery-less devices.

ZigBee gateway supports group control, which suggests you’ll be able to add the dimmer switches to different groups and control them separately from APP interface or you’ll be able to bind them with ZigBee Group control remotes and control separately. Lamps in numerous areas of your own home may be added to different groups for flexible and smart control. ZigBee gateway also supports scene control which enables you to recall different light intensity levels for each area of your house.

An ideal feature of ZigBee is that it enables cloud control while the gateway is configured to connect with Ethernet. You can monitor and control your private home lighting on internet even if you’re thousands of miles away from your own home.


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