Wiring 50 Y/O Light Switch To Work With Wi-Fi Switch (USA)

Wireless Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Control Light Touch Switch 86

I am, I am trying to wire each switch in my grandma’s old house to use a Wi-Fi switch in parallel with the regular wall switch. This manner, either turning on the regular wall switch or turning on the Wi-Fi switch via smartphone will turn on the light.

That is how the switch box looks when removing the switch and the cover: there’s the recent wire and the neutral wire. Connecting the two to each other turns on the light. (http://imgur.com/85piSwQ)

I’m a bit confused though. I feel when i’ve removed switches prior to now, they’ve always had both the hot wire and neutral wire coming into the box, through the switch, after which out back to the light (not less than 4 wires). I also do not see any type of ground wire, although the new and neutral wires are in a metal flexible thing, which the Internet says might provide ground.

This is the Wi-Fi switch. As you can see, it takes in two wires and outputs two wires: http://misc.ws/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/20151211_090029.jpg / http://blog.brianmoses.net/Images/2015/sonoff/sonoff_03_social.jpg / https://usercontent.pimatic.org/9b877db7bcb34447557bf176fc24a0e309892a90/687474703a2f2f626c6f672e6b61696c2e637a2f73697465732f64656661756c742f66696c65732f50696d617469632f536f6e6f66662e706e67

Is this wiring too old to do what I need it to do? Does each switch need to be rewired and all of the walls busted open? Haha. My grandma was the unique owner of the house, and I feel they built it in the 1950s. It is in Los Angeles.

I was trying to tug the switch box out of the wall to see what the wiring looks like behind it, nevertheless it appears to be stuck on the left side. Broke the wall around it (but behind the switch cover) to try to get it out, but no luck.

Any ideas? Am I completely having a brainfart and missing something? Thank you!


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