WiFi Dimmer Switch For Wireless Smart Lighting Control

Generally a dimmer is controlled by a control unit that sends signal to it, thus a WiFi dimmer switch means the dimmer may be controlled by WiFi signal that sent out by mobile devices comparable to cell phones and tablets and the WiFi signal is usually sent out by an lighting control APP.

Gold 1 Gang 1 Way Wall Touch Switch Wireless

The WiFi dimmer switch system shall include several parts, a dimmer with built-in radio frequency receiver, a WiFi to RF converter that is able to receive WiFi signal and convert it to RF signal and send to the dimmer, a router for home network and a mobile device with a lighting control APP installed. The converter shall have RJ45 port that can be connected to the router and added to the home network. And the mobile device shall be added to the home network through the router.

The APP shall be paired with the dimmer once all parts are connected well, and you must connect all these devices properly in line with the user manuals. The APP sends out WiFi signal to the converter which can convert to RF signal and sends it out to the dimmer, then the dimmer will receive the RF signal and output PWM signal the connected lights. If the dimmer is DC version, you need a power supply. The WiFi to RF converter shall be connected together with your router by a RJ45 cable, and a power supply is required for it depending on its input voltage. A great APP has easy and simple control interface and detailed operation instructions.

A WiFi LED dimmer enables full touch control and smooth dimming and switching functions. It is portable in your pocket and enables wireless remote control. It’s smart control that enables you to manage multiple zones (areas) separately or synchronously, for instance, sitting room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and so on, you can control them anywhere within your house. Thanks to the good PWM control of the receiver, the brightness can be adjustable smoothly with none flickering and switching on/off will be gradually instead of suddenly switching on/off that will hurt your eyes. One mobile device can control multiple receivers and each receiver maximally might be controlled by 8 remotes. Many other features like memory function that stored your preferred brightness, and operation return function can be found.

It sounds somewhat bit difficult for a new user, however the user manual and operation instructions facilitate too much. The ultimate experience is great, a brand new smart home will present to you.


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