Why Is A Dimmer Switch Hot?

Wireless White 3 Gang 1 Way Wall Touch Switch For Light 86A dimmer switch uses electronics to manage the flow of power to your lights. If you own a laptop computer, you understand that electronic devices can get rather warm. But too much heat is usually the first sign of an issue.

A lot Light

The commonest cause of dimmer overheating is installing bulbs of too high a wattage. The whole wattage for all the bulbs you are trying to dim shouldn’t exceed 90 percent of the rating in your dimmer switch. If it does, the switch will overheat, perhaps dangerously so. Remove some bulbs, reduce their wattage, or install a dimmer with the next rating.

Improper Installation

Dimmer switches are rated for a certain wattage. If two or more dimmers are installed side by side, the installer must lower that wattage rating for each additional dimmer and plan the circuits accordingly. Also make sure that nobody has tampered with the heat sinks, those metal plates installed on the dimmers by the manufacturer to help dissipate excess heat.

Normal Operation

Modern dimmer switches are highly efficient. Only about 2 percent of the facility running through them is converted into heat. That is much less than older models, but even when everything is installed and getting used properly, a dimmer switch will still feel warm to the touch. If yours is hot enough to burn you or smells funny, something serious could also be wrong.

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