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To put in To install A 3 Way Light Switch

Wireless Black <strong>white touch switch</strong> 2 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch Touch Panel Switch 86″ style=”clear:both; float:left; padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px; max-width: 355px;”>Installing a 3 way light switch is not a fancy process, however it does require a little understanding of what goes one with a 3 way light. To start with you need to grasp that 3 way switches only can be used where you need a switch in 2 areas of the room. An example would be a kitchen with 2 entries. You’d want a switch at each entry to activate and off the lights. If you have greater than 2 entries you could have to make use of a 4 way switch.</p>
<p>Three way switches have 3 forms of wires that feed to them. This is sold as 14/3WG Romex cable . It is available in several lengths from 10 feet to 500 feet. Always get more than you think you will want. Additionally, you will need 2- 3 way switches to do this installation.</p>
<p>– Black: That is the hot wire, the one which carries the load and can shock you<br />
 – White: It is a neutral wire or a traveler<br />
 – Red: It is a traveler wire<br />
 – Bare Copper: This is a ground wire to prevent shocks</p>
<p>Reminder: Always ensure the power is cut to light you’re engaged on. It’s a good suggestion to check the wires even after you think you’ve cut power. If in doubt you must turn off power to the entire house.</p>
<p>This diagram assumes you plan on or have already got standard 14/2 wiring running to the primary electrical box with power. You will need to run a 14/3 wire with ground from switch 1’s box to modify 2’s box, leave around 6″ of wire protruding from the wall, and strip off the sheathing to expose the wires. You’ll then need to drag standard 14/2 wire from box 2 to the light. Once all of the wire is pulled you need to tie all of the white ( neutral wiring) off with wingnuts in each box. as well because the bare (ground) wire. Additionally, you will have to ground the switches with the green <strong>white touch switch</strong> screw within the lower left side of the switch.</p>
<p>Wiring the 3 way switches are pretty straight forward. The first switch with power from the home breaker box should have the black wire from the breaker tied into the lower right side darker screw. This leaves only the 2 travelers to wire up at the top. It doesn’t matter which side you place them on so long as the other switch is a mirror image.</p>
<p>The second box will need the black wire going to the sunshine screwed in with the dark screw within the lower right. Then the travelers will should be screwed in. Lastly the sunshine will must be connected with wingnuts, grounded and mounted.</p>
<p><strong>white touch switch</strong></p>
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