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Light Fixture Repair

Firstly, remove the sunshine bulb from the fixture and check with the voltage meter or tester whether the socket is receiving electricity or not.

    Next, place one lead of the meter at the center of the fixture and try to touch the brass contact carefully. The opposite lead should touch the threaded metal just where the bulb screws in.
    Once the position is ready, check the meter reading, if there is a deflection in the needle, the fixture is bearing some current. If not, the issue has not been solved yet.
    Also ensure the breaker box condition, i.e., whether the non-working fixture hasn’t tripped. If it has tripped, replace the fuse or reset the breaker and try the sunshine once again.

Still a NO Well, switch off the circuit breaker that holds the dysfunctional fixture, and from the light switch, unscrew the cover plate.

    Make use of a voltage meter or tester to make sure that the wires are still hot within the electrical box. Check for the fastening of the wires too, whether they are secured safely to the switch terminals or not.
    Now, once all this is finished, attach the cover plate back to its position and switch the circuit back on. Try functioning the switch again. Still not working You have got no other option, but to continue the strategy of fluorescent light fixture repair.
    Now, switch off the circuit again and remove the cover plate, remove the switch and this time, test the switch using a multimeter.
    If the switch is defective, the tester will show no light, thus replace it with an identical kind of switch. You’ll have to purchase one from the hardware store.
    Once you get a brand new switch to replace it to the unique position, remove the cover plate from the sunshine fixture, use a voltage meter to check the temperature of the wires in the electrical box after which repair or replace the fixture accordingly.

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