Touch Switch Circuits

Wireless Function Gold 1 Gang 1 Way Wall Touch Switch Floor Lamps

Is a good is a superb collection of touch switch circuits. A touch switch is an electronic device that allows us to regulate a circuit by simply touching a sensor.

Simple touch switch circuit with 4011 source

The circuit as you can see from its diagram is quite simple and only uses 8 components. The center of the circuit is the IC CD 4011 that is connected as a FLIP-FLOP. Pins 9 and 13 of the IC are the «SET» and «RESET» contacts of the FLIP-FLOP. The IC is of the CMOS type and requires a very low current to in its gates to control it. This high sensitivity of the circuit makes the touch operation possible. The 2 gates are held at logic state «1» continuously by means of the two resistors R1 and R3 that connect them to the positive supply rail. These resistors have a really large resistance of 10 Mohm. If we now touch a set of contacts the skin resistance closes the circuit between the corresponding gate and the negative supply rail. The skin resistance for small areas of the skin is often much lower than 10 Mohm and the gate is effectively dropped at logic condition «0» which makes the FLIP-FLOP change state. For any given state of the FLIP-FLOP touching the corresponding set of contacts will make the circuit to reverse its state of balance and in effect toggle the switch. As a switch is used a relay driven by a transistor which is driven from the out put of the FLIP-FLOP.
R1:…….10MOhm 1/4 W
R2:…….10MOhm 1/4 W
R3:……. 1KOhm 1/4 W
D1:……. Led red
D2:…….1N4148 diode
TR1:………BC558 PNP Transistor BC327
IC1:……CD4011 CMOS IC
RL1:……12V relay rated at 250 V / 2A
Simple Touch Switch Version 2 source

A touch switch is a switch that’s turned on and off by touching a wire contact, instead of flicking a lever like a daily switch. Touch switches haven’t any mechanical parts to wear out, so they last loads longer than regular switches. Touch switches might be utilized in places where regular switches would not last, akin to wet or very dusty areas.
C1 10uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor
R1, R2 100K 1/4 Watt Resistor
R3 10 Meg 1/4 Watt Resistor
U1 4011 CMOS NAND Gate IC
Touch Switch with 555 source

This circuit uses a 555 timer as the bases of the touch switch. You may learn more about 555 timers in the training section on my site. When the plate is touched the 555 timer is triggered and the output on pin 3 goes high turning on the LED and the buzzer for a certain time frame. The time that the LED and the buzzer is on relies on the values of the capacitor and resistor connected to pin 6 & 7. The 10M resistor on pin 2 causes the the circuit to be very sensitive to the touch.
Touch switch activated relay source

A quite simple touch switch circuit diagram can be constructed using this circuit schematic . This circuit will turn on /off an electronic relay using the same touch sensor . This touch switch circuit is composed from an current amplifier and a decimal counter circuit . the counter circuit is a CDB490 type and is capable to point out at pin 12 states 1 and 0 that depends by the pulse applied of pin number 14 . Pulses applied to pin 14 are provided by the present amplifier formed by that two BC transistors . It requires a 5volts power supply and can be utilized to activate /off another electronic circuit.
Electronic touch switch source

This is a electronic touch switch ( on/off ) activated by skin resistance of finger . When the finger touch the on contact the a small current is delivered through skin to transistors to activate the circuit . The circuit remains on until the finger touch the off contact . This electronic touch switch designed with transistors require a 6 volts power supply circuit . The electronic touch switch circuit require few external components ( four transistors and 4 resistors ) and is very simple do build even for beginners .
Quite simple electronic touch switch source

A very simple electronic touch switch might be constructed using this circuit diagram . This electronic touch switch is based on two transistors an can activate a relay , when the touch sensor is pressed .
The touch sensor can be constructed using a small piece of a printed circuit board ( two small tracks with a 2 mm distance between each other ) . This circuit is powered using a 12 volts DC power supply , so the relay used for this project have to be a 12 volts relay . This circuit is working very simple , when both plates of the sensor are touched the skin resistance will activate the circuit.
On Off Touch Switch

This is a easy to build on/off touch switch circuit with the well-known IC 555. The modern mechanic switches are improved concerning of old technology. We’d like however many times to replacement some old switch or to check currents bigger than the durability of certain switches or simple we’d like something with modern appearance. For it and different reasons is important the up circuit.


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