Touch Dimmer Switch With Ultra Smooth Control For Home Lighting

There are numerous types of control unit for a dimmer available in the market, as an example, push switch, rotary switch, remote control with keys and touch control panel. Among them touch dimmer switch is a newly emerging technology that permits smooth control by simple finger touch.

The nice advantage of a touch dimmer is easy and simple operation by just slight finger touch. All operations including switching on/off, adjusting brightness and adjusting colors are done by simple finger touch. Generally a dimmer switch with touch interface will probably be designed with icons that are easy to understand and clearly indicate the functions. It is designed with ultra sensitive glass touch panel which allows accurate and fast brightness adjustment. The switching on/off and dimming operation might be quite smooth with none flickering.

Multi-zone control function could also be available for the touch dimmer, it will probably switch and dim all these zones separately or synchronously with none confusions. For instance you may control the sitting room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom together or independently. The touch panel can be available with different output signals so that the control distance varies. While designed with RF signal and match with a dimmer with RF signal receiver, the gap can be over 20 meters. Further distance might be possible while it’s designed with signals that require wiring with the dimmer, for instance, DMX, 0-10V or DALI. For home lighting control RF signal is enough.

The touch dimmer switch is designed for not only monochrome LEDs, but additionally dual color (warm white and cold white) one and RGB/RGB(W) one. When controlling monochrome lamps, it offers basic switch and dimming functions and enables multiple zone operation meaning one controller can control many dimmers. For dual color lights , it offers color temperature adjustment and brightness adjustment of each channel functions by touch operations. In terms of RGB/RGBW lamps, various functions are available especially RGB color tone adjustment and dynamic changing pattern control besides dimming and switching.

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 1 Gang 1 way Light Switch Wifi

The dimmer shall be designed with corresponding interface depending on the touch panel. If the panel is a RF wireless controller, the dimmer shall be designed with RF interface that receives RF signal. If the switch is a controller that sends out digital control signal akin to DALI and DMX, the receiver shall be designed with DMX or DALI interface to receive the signal. Pairing is required for RF signal, and wiring is required for DMX or DALI signal. Once all done, you possibly can enjoy ultra smooth control for your house lighting.


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