To test To test An Electrical Switch

Wireless White 2 Gang 1 Way Light Switch Touch ScreenSwitches to appliances function by opening and shutting the electrical circuit flowing through the device to provide it with power. For instance, light switches allow current to flow through the wires and the bulb, lighting up the bulb. If multiple bulbs fail in the same light socket, check the switch with a multimeter to ensure it still carries a current. Follow these steps to safely test an electrical switch and listen to the electrical current flowing through the device.

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Things You will Need
Philip’s head screwdriver
Long-nose pliers
Electrical tape

Turn off the switch and turn off the facility to the switch on the circuit breaker.

Remove the screws from the faceplate of the switch and take away it from the wall. Set the faceplate aside.

Take out the screws holding the switch within the wall box.

Remove the wires from the switch with the pliers by gripping the insulated portion. Place tape on the wires and label them so you recognize which wire to connect to each terminal.

Connect the leads to your multimeter. The red lead should connect to the red socket and the black lead to the black socket. These are marked “Voltage” and “COM” respectively.

Turn in your multimeter and set its measurement dial to the ohms reading to measure resistance. Touch the probes together to check the meter’s function; it is best to get a reading of lower than one ohm.

Turn the switch on. Touch the probes to the copper terminals on the side of the switch. In response to the University of Washington, it is best to see a reading of less than 25 ohms. This indicates that electrical continuity exists through the switch. Turn the switch off and test again. It is best to get a measurement of infinite resistance.

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