To test To test A three Way Switch

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 1 Gang 1 way Light Switch Wifi4) Testing a 3 way switch. A three way switch has three screws.
a) Start with your switch in the down position
b) Set your meter to AC. There may be multiple voltages to set to on the meter, you just need to put it at a voltage higher than what you’re engaged on. So if you’re working on a light or receptacle (120v) it’s going to probably be 200.
c) Put one of many leads of the meter on the metal box, if you do not have a metal box you will have some bare copper wires in the box, put it there. Take the opposite lead and put it on the black screw. What we are in search of is for the black screw to have power when the switch is in one position and not when it’s in the other so flip the switch up and down. In case your black screw always has power skip to (h). If your black screw has power then does not have power, depending on the position of the switch, to date so good.
d) There are two gold screws on the switch, one has power right now, find it and keep note which screw it’s.
e)Now flip the opposite switch that controls the identical light (if you have a switch with three screws and three wires on it, there may be a couple of switch controlling your outlet) and come back to the switch we are engaged on and test the other gold screw, you must have power there now. If you do not get power in the opposite screw your problem is in the other switch and skip to (e)
f) If before, your black screw had power within the up position it’s going to now have power within the down position. So test your black screw again, up and down, power no power. If your switch follows these rules your switch is okay and also you need to check the opposite switch.
g)Test the black screw on this other switch and be sure to always have power on the black screw whether the switch is in the up or down position.
h) In case your reading this I am sure your getting confused but don’t worry I am not explaining how it works, just how to test it so take your time and go step by step. You’re at the ability side of the three way switch. We’re going to check the other two screws. Put one lead on the box or ground wires and the other lead on one of the gold screws. You need to have power on this screw when the switch is in one position and not have power when the switch is in the opposite position. Test the opposite gold screw the same way, if your switch does not work this fashion, you’ve got a foul switch, if it does go back to (d) and test the opposite switch. Should you already tested the other switch the problem isn’t within the switches.
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