To fix To fix Drywall Around A Switch

The immediate wall area surrounding a light switch will sometimes develop cracks or damage. This is commonly caused by persons pressing the switch cover too hard or even banging against it. If the crack is small enough, or in an out of the way area such as the garage, you can cover it by removing the present cover plate and installing an oversized one. If this isn’t viable, you can repair the drywall itself. Although it is a straightforward repair, it is going to take you greater than sooner or later to complete.

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Things You will Need
Utility knife
Drywall mesh tape
Drywall joint compound
Wide putty knife
Matching wall paint

Flip the circuit breaker within the breaker panel that corresponds to the specific switch or room, to the off position. This shuts off the ability to the switch or room while you work.

Wipe the wall across the switch clean of any dust and debris, using a rag. Remove the screws from the switch cover plate, using a screwdriver. These screws often call for a slotted screwdriver.

Trim off any loose paper or edges that stick out of the damaged drywall, using a utility knife. Cut a strip of drywall mesh tape, using the utility knife. Mesh tape is a flexible netting, composed of thin strands. Press the mesh tape into position over the damaged area of drywall alongside the switch edge. Use the utility knife to chop away any portion of the mesh tape that covers the opening for the switch.

Apply a thin coat of drywall joint compound over the mesh tape, using a large putty knife. Apply just enough compound to embed the mesh tape against the wall. Allow the compound sufficient time to dry, which is normally 24 hours. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct amount of drying time.

Sand down lightly any ridges or bumps within the dried compound, using sandpaper. Apply a second coat of joint compound, using the putty knife, and permit it to dry.

Sand the compound lightly, using sandpaper, so that it is smooth. Apply a 3rd and final coat of drywall compound, using the putty knife. Make certain the mesh tape is not visible and the compounds edges are smooth and flat with the wall surface. Allow time for this final coat to dry.

Sand the area lightly, so that it’s smooth. Paint the spot with a color to match the encircling wall, and permit the paint to dry.

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Install the switch cover plate, using the screwdriver. Watch out to not press the switch too forcefully against the wall.

Flip the circuit breaker within the breaker panel to the on position. Test the switch to make certain the facility is restored to it.

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