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In many situations in the house, the standard light fixture controlled by a switch on the wall isn’t necessary. Closets, basement stairwells and other confined areas are served just as well with a light that is turned on and off with a simple tug of a pull chain. But, while a pull-chain switch can provide a few years of trouble-free operation, repeated use could cause it to wear all the way down to the point that the switch not turns the light off or on. Luckily, fixing a pull-chain light switch is inexpensive and relatively easy.

Things You may Need
Wire strippers
Needle-nose pliers
Touch-type voltage tester
Wire connectors
Electrical tape

Turn off the facility to the pull chain light fixture by toggling off the circuit breaker within the electrical panel that controls the light’s circuit.

Remove the cover or globe (if applicable) and light bulb from the pull chain light fixture. If the sunshine was on before turning the breaker off, wait a few minutes before removing the cover and bulb to allow them to sufficiently cool off.

Remove the two bolts that secure the fixture to the wall or ceiling box, using the screwdriver.

Pull the fixture away from the box carefully, press the button on the touch-type voltage tester and press the tip of the tester to every of the wires throughout the box. That is to ensure the circuit is off before you disconnect the wires. If the tester beeps, lights up or both, the circuit is still hot. Don’t continue until you may have the correct breaker off.

Loosen the cap that secures the pull-chain switch to the fixture, using needle-nose pliers. Finish unscrewing the cap with your fingers and slide it off over the chain.

Pull the pull-chain switch out of its hole and disconnect the wires connected to it. One wire is the feed wire from the wall or ceiling box and the opposite is the black wire connected to the fixture.

Install the brand new pull chain into the outlet left behind by the previous one and secure it in place, using the screw-on cap.

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Remove any insulation necessary for making the connection, using wire strippers. Not more than 3/4 inch of non-insulated wire ought to be exposed.

Connect the black wire from the wall box with one of the black wires from the pull-chain switch. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. Use a wire connector to secure the connection and wrap it with electrical tape.

Connect the black wire from the fixture with the second black wire from the pull-chain switch. Use a wire connector to secure the connection and wrap it with electrical tape.

Push the wires back into the wall or ceiling box carefully and re-secure the fixture to the box with the two bolts removed earlier.

Install the sunshine bulb and the cover (if applicable) and turn the circuit breaker back on.

Tug on the pull chain to show the sunshine on and then again to ensure it goes off.

Tips & Warnings
Before using a touch-type voltage tester on the circuit you’re working on, test it on a circuit that you understand is hot to make sure the tester is functioning properly.
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