To check To test A Single Pole Switch

If your going to test a switch your going to need one thing. A meter, now you do not need an expensive meter just something that shows current. Something that appears just like the one on the highest right of this page.

How to check a switch

Wireless Touch Switch Black 3 GANG 1 WAY Remote Light Switch

1) Tools.
a) AC meter
b) Phillip head screw driver
c) skinny flat head screw driver

3) Remove the switches. OK the fun part. Take a drill or a Phillips head screw driver and take out the screws on the highest and bottom of the switches. Now grab the yoke of the switch (that’s the highest and bottom of the switch) don’t grab the switch by the side we wish to test the switches and the one strategy to do this is to pull out the switches. The facility is located on the side so when you grab it by the sides you’re going to get shocked. This is electricity SAFETY FIRST!!!!! So grab the yoke and pull out the switches.

4) Testing a single pole switch. A single pole switch has only two screws on the switch.
a) Start along with your switch in the down position
b) Set your meter to AC. There may be multiple voltages to set to on the meter, you just need to put it at a voltage higher than what you are working on. So if you’re engaged on a light or receptacle it can probably be 200.
c) Put one of the leads of the meter on the metal box, if you do not have a metal box you should have some bare copper wires in the box, put it there. Take the opposite lead and put it on one of many screws. If in case you have power on the screw, test the opposite screw. Remember your switch is in the off position, it should say on the switch “off and “on”. We are in search of a screw that has no power. Now if both screws have power you might have a bad switch. Turn the ability off and replace. Should you found the screw with no power then test it by tuning the switch to the “on” position. Your screw should now have power. If it doesn’t have power you’ve a foul switch, turn the ability off and replace. One of many screws will have constant power the opposite won’t depending on the position of the switch. If your switch doesn’t follow this rule you could have a bad switch, if it does the issue may be the light, light bulbs or receptacle your trying to get working.


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