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Today, almost all the appliances are to realize the unity of the switch and the body, and one by one realized the remote control, except lamps exception, why cannot switch directly on the lamp on it?

Infrared remote control switch not only through direct installation of the lamp, the lamp and the switch to attain a perfect combination, and may use any free remote control of home appliances. Because with infrared communication, everything becomes simple.

Because with infrared communication, everything becomes so simple.

Infrared remote control switch through two functions:

Replace the standard wall switch; with any remote control home appliances.

Because of this the identical light as home appliances, has not only made into one switch and lamp, and buy a home like TV may be plugged as home appliances remote control using free switch lights up. Or directly in the design of infrared communication line when the remote control switch in series in the line of any location.

Infrared remote control switch through the advantages:

Another line of fabric switches do in a roundabout way installed in the lamp on, no Zaoqiang, grooving, pipe, embedding, etc.. Any appliance with any remote control button, remote control will be achieved. Saving installation cost and lots of wires, trunking, junction boxes and other accessories and switch costs. Waterproof, explosion-proof, no interference, no electromagnetic pollution; controlled by remote switch; away from strong power, to avoid danger. For the capacitive load, each switch is equivalent to savings of reactive power lack of 5 degrees / month. Overload capability of 10 million safe open. Lights at night watching TV, easy to fall asleep and don’t affect the usage of the prevailing wall switch.

This is a switch within the history of a terrific revolution! It is going to replace the standard birth of wall switches, remote control lighting to create a new era!

Infrared remote control switch technical specifications through

AC220V? 50Hz AC110V? 60Hz

10A moment (1 ms) Overload Current: 80A

Applicable to the source, motor and other control any load

-40 Degrees? +60 Degrees

Water depth of 10 meters can be used within

Flammable gas under normal pressure can be utilized

Any infrared

Switching frequency of greater than 100 000 times

Distance and home appliances through remote control infrared remote synchronization

Infrared remote control switch through breakthroughs in technology are: overcoming the interference of infrared light to complete the primary human to receive the infrared light switch combined with the work; achieved with any infrared remote control transmitter remote control home lighting ideal . Which means that for each increase in the variety of remote control light switch, remote control lighting marks into the practical, popular stage, signaling the arrival of lighting a real time remote control.

Cost analysis

Common traditional wall switch:

100 yuan / Road [switch: 20 yuan / month, junction box: 8 yuan / month, trunking (tube): 10 yuan, the switch line: 10 yuan (trunking and wire 2 yuan / m, calculated in response to 5 meters), Installation accessories: 2 yuan, the development fee: 50 yuan], manual mechanical switch, a light switch light from one location only. Switch lights from two locations, the cost doubled. Spend a number of wiring and trunking and other accessories to supply electricity line losses. Damaged walls, Zaoqiang, slot, pipe (line), etc., construction difficult, difficult maintenance, and sometimes the wall will crack.

Infrared remote control switch through:

75 Yuan / Lu, no other accessories.

Any appliance with a remote control to any location in the room remote control.

Waterproof, explosion-proof, non-interference from strong electricity to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Energy-saving environmental protection, no wiring, saving a variety of wires and electrical components and circuit losses, the monthly savings of reactive power loss of 5 degrees. Installation is easy, direct light or lamp in series with the road anywhere, easy maintenance, almost no installation costs.

Central control system:


With special remote control transmitter, only room (in the central control office) to remote control.

The room light switches in all lines to be dubious of the central controller.

To consume a considerable amount of wiring and installation accessories, leading to loss of power lines.

Construction of complex, expensive, maintenance is difficult.

Disconnect switches and radio digital radio coding technique in comparison with the brand new question is:

(1) home with Ji Zhandeng need some remote control, as the remote shell is made from the identical mold, same shape, so use cannot determine which corresponds to the receiver transmitter, as the important thing to open the same cannot be wrong can not turn on the lights.

(2) Each switch must plant a set of code changes, numerous coding, it is straightforward to confuse, to the production, sale, repair tremendous difficulties.

(3) produce electromagnetic pollution, prohibited by law.

(4) Although the code, but there remains to be the potential of re-code. Furthermore, the control of the market power of these products is small, particularly over the load voltage and current transient poor, it is simple to bad, these usually are not practical wireless remote control light the real reason.

Comparison with the central control system, lack of central control system are:

1, to make use of a special remote control transmitter, remote control transmitter with less inconvenience, more significant disorder.

2, no remote control within the bedroom, only to the room (see where the central controller) to remote, because infrared light can’t pass through walls.

3, on account of centralized control, the room light switch wire have to be diverted to the central controller, wiring and construction costs increase.

4, central controller itself is expensive. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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