To add So as to add An additional Wall Switch

An extra an additional wall switch in a room is job that almost all do-it-yourself enthusiasts can do in a couple of day. This allows for a wide selection of lighting options. For instance, one can operate two separate sets of lights individually, or one switch can control a ceiling fan while the opposite handles the ceiling lights.

Wireless White 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On Off Switch For Lamps 86

Things You may Need
Voltage tester
Wire strippers
Drywall saw
Stud finder
Romex stripper
Double-gang old work box
Double-gang switch plate
Single-pole light switch
Electrical tape
Wire connectors

Find and switch off the circuit breaker that feeds the prevailing switch. Remove the switch plate and the 2 screws that secure the switch to the wall box. Carefully pull the switch out of the box by pulling on the top and bottom tabs. Do not touch the side terminals on the switch until you are sure the circuit is off.

Use the voltage tester to verify the power is off to the circuit. Loosen the terminals and take away the wires. Disconnect the ground wire from the switch as well if it has one connected to it.

Use the stud finder to determine on which side of the switch box the stud is located. Hold the old work box up to the present box, open face to open face, so that the corners line up on the side where the stud is located. Trace across the old work box with a pencil. Use the drywall saw to cut away the additional drywall so the brand new box will fit.

Label the wires with some tape so you understand which wires are the feed wires and which of them go to the fixture(s).

Remove the present wall box. If it was originally installed when the house was built, it is going to be nailed to the stud. That will make it difficult to remove. You possibly can try hammering it out or breaking it apart with a hammer and chisel. Just be careful that you do not damage the wires when removing the old box.

Run a length of NM cable from the location of the switch box to whatever the new switch shall be controlling (light, fan or outlet). Make your connections at that final destination.

Insert all the wires from the previous box and the brand new cable line into the double-gang switch box and install it inside the wall. Tightening the screws will engage the tabs that keep the box secure.

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If you are adding an additional wall switch to regulate additional lights using the same circuit (as we described here), make sure the circuit can handle the additional load.
Never work on an electrical circuit while it continues to be powered. Always turn the breaker off within the electrical panel before starting work.
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