Tips on how to Wire A mixture Outlet Switch

A mix a combination outlet switch for the convenience of having a switch and a receptacle in the identical location. Many bathrooms have a light switch for overhead lighting, but no outlet for an electric razor or hair dryer. The mixture outlet switch remedies this disparity. The electrical wiring might be configured for the switch to manage an overhead light, leaving the outlet power available independently. Use the mixture as a replacement for switches in locations where a receptacle is also needed.

Wireless White 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On Off Switch For Lamps 86Things You may Need
Slotted screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
Voltage tester
Wire cutters
Extra wire 20 inches
Two wire nuts
Combination cover plate

Shut off power to the circuit at the breaker box. Tape or lock the box with a warning label to stop anyone from inadvertently turning the ability on before work is completed.

Remove the cover plate by loosening the screws with a slotted screwdriver. Remove the mounting screws holding the switch to the highest and bottom of the box with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the switch out of the box by the edges and check the wires with a voltage tester to make certain the power is off.

Remove the wires attached to the terminals of the switch. A black or dark colored hot wire can be attached to one side from the conduit or Romex. Another hot wire can be attached to the other terminal on that side to send power to the sunshine. The green ground wire shall be attached to the green ground terminal on one end. A white neutral wire runs straight through from the incoming source to the sunshine box.

Prepare the wires for connection to the mix. Make fresh cuts on the ends of both hot wires and the bottom wire with wire cutters. Strip the ends of all three wires with the wire cutter blades to expose 1/2 inch of wire strands. Cut the neutral wire 10 inches from the incoming raceway. Strip both ends of the fresh cut. Also strip the ends of three extra wires for a 10-inch length and two 5-inch lengths. Twist the strands together between a thumb and finger at the ends of all the individual stripped exposures.

Connect the hot wires. Twist the tip of the incoming hot wire around an end of both 5-inch extra lengths. Cover the joined ends by twisting on a wire nut. Connect the other ends of the additional lengths to both the bronze terminals on the identical side of the combination. Wrap the bare wires across the terminals in clockwise rotation. Tighten the terminal screws, covering the exposed wire under the heads. Attach the outgoing hot wire to a silver terminal on the other side of the combo.

Connect the neutral wires. Twist the cut ends of neutral wire together with one end of the additional 10-inch length. Cap the connection with a wire nut. Wrap the opposite end of the ten-inch length around the silver terminal on the side with the outgoing hot wire. Secure it under the terminal.

Connect the bottom wire. The ground wire can be split and capped to accommodate the former switch. Wrap the freshly stripped end around the ground terminal at an end of the combo and secure it under the screw.

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Mount the mix inside the box with the outlet on top or bottom to preference. Replace the upper and lower mounting screws. Fit the faceplate over the combo and tighten the holding screw in the center.

Tips & Warnings
Don’t try and wire switches or receptacles unless you are experienced or trained in electrical work. Electrical wiring must be done accurately to avoid hazardous shocks, fires and short-circuited appliances.
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