Tips on how to Repair An Oven Light Switch

Many ovens have a switch that turns the interior light on and off when the door is opened. The switch is located on the door jamb, and when pushed in by the oven door, turns off the oven light. When the door opens, the switch decompresses and the oven light turns on. If your oven light switch has broken or malfunctioned, it should be replaced. Always disconnect the power to your oven prior to servicing the appliance.

Things You will Need

Turn off the oven breaker in your breaker box to disconnect the oven’s power.

Open the oven door, then remove the 2 screws under the front lip of the stove-top.

Lift the oven stove-top up in order that the underside is accessible. Place a secure object, resembling a stick, under the stove-top to secure it, much like how you would prop up a car hood.

Pull the wire connector off of the rear of the oven light switch.

Squeeze the tab on the side of the light switch, then pull it through the front of the oven to remove.

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Insert the brand new light switch through the front of the oven, then connect the wire connector to the new light switch.

Lower the stove-top, then re-secure using the 2 screws that were removed.

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Close the oven door, then restore power to the oven. Open and close the oven door to ensure that the brand new light switch is installed correctly.

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