The way to Wire A three-Way Switch To manage A Ceiling Fan

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Three-way switches are the proper solution for flexible light control, but their benefit could be put to use in other applications as well, reminiscent of controlling a ceiling fan from two different locations. This wiring scenario is just a little more complicated than a single-pole installation, but by following simple directions, any do-it-yourselfer can wire a three-way switch to manage a ceiling fan.

Things You’ll Need
Voltage tester
Wire strippers
Electrical tape
Wire connectors

Turn off the power to the circuit previous to working on it.

Remove the existing light fixture. Test the wires with your voltage tester to make sure that the line is dead. It’s best to see that despite the fact that it’s a three-way circuit, the light fixture still gets connected to a hot and a neutral line. How the circuit was wired will determine which wires are which. For instance, in some situations, a white wire may be carrying the voltage. If that is the case, it SHOULD have black tape on it, identifying it as a current-carrying line.

Assemble the ceiling fan as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and hang it from a ceiling fan-rated box.

To wire the ceiling fan to the three-way switch circuit, simply connect the white fan wire to the neutral wire within the ceiling box, and connect the black and blue (if it has a light kit) wires to the recent line. Connect the ceiling fan’s ground wire to the ground wire within the ceiling box. Wrap each connection with electrical tape and gently tuck the wires up into the ceiling box.

Finish installing the ceiling fan’s canopy and turn the circuit back on. Your ceiling fan will now be controlled by the two three-way switches.

Tips & Warnings
Never work on a live circuit. Turn the breaker off before working on any electrical job.
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