The right way to Design One way Switch Electrical Circuit

A method a method switch electrical circuit is essentially the most basic form of switching circuit. It is centered around a single-pole single-throw (SPST) switch, which has two positions. One creates a break in a circuit while the other closes the circuit allowing current to flow freely. The other two basic components of the one way switch circuit are a power supply and a device to be operated with the switch. This type of circuit is used for nearly any lighting circuit, and it is also the circuit used for a doorbell. The doorbell is a special type of SPST switch known as a momentary switch. Designing and building a a technique switching circuit is simple once you understand its basic construction.

Things You may Need
Power supply
Switchable device

Connect a wire from the positive terminal of the power source to at least one terminal on the switch. Because the switch is always either on or off, the terminal you use does not matter.

Run a wire from the second terminal of the switch to the positive terminal of the device the switch controls. Within the case of a light bulb circuit, the wire can be connected to the positive terminal of the bulb socket.

Connect a wire from the negative terminal of the device (light bulb socket) to the negative terminal of the ability supply.

Operate the device by switching between the 2 positions on the switch. In the light bulb example, one position will send power to the bulb, illuminating it, and the other position will break the signal path, keeping the sunshine off.

Tips & Warnings
For the reason that switch simply controls whether a circuit is open or closed, it may very well be positioned along the negative line returning from the device. This wiring is just not uncommon.
As is the case with any electrical wiring, be certain the ability supply is shut off before making any alterations to avoid the risk of electrocution or other injury.
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