Switch Between Multiple Phones And Droid X

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One in all our readers asked me today if I? It is possible to get a new droid 2 or Droid The gorgeous and turn it back and forth along with his droid X
Ill let you know that it is possible, though Verizon does not? T use SIM cards.
Verizon is predicated on CDMA, which signifies that they use the ESN number, which you’ll be able to switch to a different phone without signing a brand new two-year contract online at VerizonWireless.com.
If you still have? T to get your discount Droid X STILL, DON? T switch will result in lack of discount. Part repayment conditions is that the ESN number on the Droid X remains the identical for the primary 30 days.
After that you ought to be fine, you possibly can safely buy Droid 2 and not using a contract, Droid Incredible with out a contract, etc? Etc?
is good to know, for those who upgrade the phone too much so they have somewhere within the brain, you never know.
here? S how to switch between multiple phones and Verizon Droid X:
Specifically, log in my account online at verizonwireless.com and you may change the ESN online. Then just dial * 228 option 1 and you? Well it again
postscript Sprint is the same, you alter the ESN numbers as Verizon.

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