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“Remind yourself that loving words and loving thoughts seem to be supercharged with power to supply good.br>—Catherine Ponder
How would you wish to have words that turn your subconscious mind on like a light switch to create more of what you want? This may be better relationships, enhanced peace, creativity or abundance. Switchwords, created by James Mangan within the 1960’s, for many people, just do that.
After i encounter people caught up in a scarcity and fear mentality, I wish to instill their power back to them. Of course, each person must do that for himself or herself. I want to elucidate that speaking about what we would like really serves us well.
James Mangan gave us The key Of Perfect Living within the 1960s. Mangan explains that there are particular words that can be used with intention to get more of what we want. He coined the phrase “Switchwords.These power words will activate our subconscious like a switch with focused intent. Mangan spent 45 years of his life researching and finding these words for us. For those of us who connect with them, they are an exquisite tool for creating and enjoying life more. They help to lift our consciousness to a Divine state. They help release fear and put us back in our power.
These words have been known to help people with all sorts of situations. I’ve a dear friend who called me upset because she was overseas in Paris, France and lost her purse. She was in somewhat shop and set it down. She walked away and soon realized it was gone. By the point she went back to search out her purse, no one knew where it was. She called me crying and worried that she can be without funds for the remainder of her trip. I told her to remain calm and say the Switchword “Reachanytime she worried about her purse (Reach is the Switchword to find anything lost). Her credit card was canceled and she was sent funds to enjoy the remainder of her trip. Anytime she considered her purse she said, “Reach She told me that she must have said “Reacha thousand time. The subsequent day the Paris police called her. That they had her purse and wanted to make arrangements to return it. She called me ecstatic with the wonderful news. Her purse was returned with all her money and bank card in it. This is just considered one of many miracles created with Switchwords.
For sure, “Reachis considered one of my favorite Switchwords and I exploit it with success to search out anything lost. I also use reach to get the most effective parking spots. You’ll want to say Reach and forget about it, knowing you’ll find your object in Divine time. Attachment to the end result slows the method.
Switchwords may be said aloud or to ourselves. Obviously in public it is best to keep them to ourselves, as others negative comments or energy will dispel their power.
I will now share a number of the words that allow more prosperity of health, love and wealth:
TOGETHER – is the master Switchword. Together pulls together our conscious, subconscious and super-conscious mind to bring out one of the best in us — our God Self. Please use Together in all your Switchword combinations, as it brings the entire creation Together perfectly.
DIVINE – to create the extraordinary (or miracle). I get wonderful results with the word Divine and use it in all my combinations, which we’ll discuss next.
LOVE – Love is, of course, probably the most powerful force in the world. When we say “Love,it wraps a healing energy around the person who sends it and the receiver.

BE – to be in radiant health and connected to our God mind.
LEARN to make youthful in appearance and thought.
CURVE to make beautiful or handsome.
REACH – “Reachis one in all my favorite Switchwords. We may use reach to search out anything we now have lost. Simply say reach and go about your business. You’ll be guided to what you’re searching for in the proper time. Reach can also be used to succeed in emotional states like joy and bliss.
Change – To eliminate any unwanted physical condition or mental state. Say Change and forget it. Then for those who notice the pain or thought, say Change again and forget it.
Clear To clear a negative thought. Perfect for conscious creators.
Praise To stop finding fault with others or ourselves.
Bluff To dispel fear or worry. If one has anxiety, say bluff, bluff, bluff. The concept is to bluff and pretend everything is alright. And it really is.
Ho To relax. Say ho enough times and you will yawn.
WHOLE – to understand that we now have everything we want within ourselves. There is no need to search for it in another.
PLETHORA – I discovered the word “Plethoraduring a period after i wanted to constantly remind myself that there is greater than enough of everything for everyone. Competition for resources is an illusion. There’s a plethora of health, money and mates.
COUNT – to attract money. The speculation behind this word is that every time we see a pile of coins lying around, we automatically start counting them in our mind.
FIND – “to discover a fortune.Say, “Find,while you want to attract wealth and abundance.
We may even benefit by using combinations of the Switchwords. Always use Together in your combos for great results. Be happy to create your own combinations of Switchwords, as the one rule is to enjoy the process.
Listed below are some suggestions:
TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE – this activates love in any relationship or situation. It is ideal for solving fights and communication problems. This combination will create wonderful results when said to yourself or aloud with intention.
TOGETHER DIVINE PRAISE To make ourselves more physically attractive and stop finding fault with others.
TOGETHER DIVINE LEARN CURVE to make youthful and beautiful or handsome. (very transformative for looking our greatest)
TOGETHER DIVINE FIND COUNT – this combination creates wealth and income when said consistently with belief.
BE TOGETHER DIVINE – this combination may be used to attract vibrant health on all levels.
TOGETHER DIVINE TIMING – in case you ever find yourself needing things to maneuver faster than they’re, simply say, “Divine timing,and remind yourself that everything is working out perfectly in the right time. If you go along with the flow, important components to your success will fall right into place.
Anytime you find yourself doubting your ability to succeed, say one of these Switchwords until you are feeling your energy shift. This is another smart way of focusing your mind and energy now. As you practice this, you’ll notice these tools just come to you when needed. They are going to become a very good habit. Switchwords are like the rest in that the more we practice and play with them the better we get. So be patient and let go of any attachment to results. You will soon find yourself becoming a Switchword Master and creating on levels you never imagined.


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