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Secure Your Motorcycle

Wireless Black 3 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch For Lights 86Motorcycle theft is against the law of opportunity. When street prowlers see your gleaming bike parked in an unsecured spot that will probably be surely a candidate for quick heist. On the other remote switch cfl-053-4 hand, professional crooks have an inventory of the kinds of motorcycles they wish to pilfer and if your motorcycle model happens to be in their list, you better take security measures before they away your pride and joy. Whether you’ve your motorcycle security system installed professionally on the factory or the do-it-yourself kind, it does not matter so long as you wont provide a straightforward rip off for these slimeballs.

College and mall parking lots, airports’ large parking lots that are often deserted during early dawn and motorcycle rallies and shows where there are fleets of motorcycles to select from, these are often the target places for thieves in search of a simple prey. So the rule always comes all the way down to the basics. Always park your motorcycle, where you may see it from the restaurant you patronize. You probably have a bowling habit every Tuesdays, use a motorcycle cover to drape over your cruiser to keep potential criminals at bay.

Use an ultra violet pen and mark your driver’s remote switch cfl-053-4 license number on motorcycle components, resembling under the seats engine.dipstick or on body panels. Even better install a Datatag or Alpha Dot security marking system. Photocopy your registration and roll the copy up contained in the handlebar, tool bag, under some cover or in the headlight shell. By doing these items you will have better chances of recovering your motorcycle(in case it gets stolen) and should help bust a motorcycle theft ring and convict the thieves or handler of stolen motorcycle parts.

Stolen motorcycle may be dismantled and the motorcycle parts are sold as they can be smuggled out of the country and sold as they’re. The motorcycle components will also be installed in a what is passed off as a custom frame and sold as a new bike. Also the motorcycle is given an altered or fake VIN and resold locally. So it is actually important to mark your bike parts with your identification.

There are many variety of locks starting from high-end hasps to stuff you possibly can rummage at your local hardware store. Quality disc locks,chains and lock,cable,shackle or U-locks, wheel locks,fork and ignition locks. There are even a wide array of locks for motorcycle accessories like, keyed and detachable lock for luggage packs. Really, there are many locks at your disposal.

The principle trick here, is to make use of two or three different locks in order that the thieving criminal may not have ample time ir tools to defeat the varied locks on-site. He may pass up your motorcycle and go search for other bikes to victimize. Don’t leave your long chains lying on the ground where it can be easily defeated with common tools like cutters, slide hammer, grinders or torches. Carrying a hefty cable lock or U-lock or any in ground anchor is probably not convenient (that’s if your bike doesn’t have saddlebags). Use some of these locks to anchor the bike to something solid like lamppost, fence,car or the ground. It should prevent a gaggle of muscled guys from rolling away your two-wheeler into a waiting van.

Some motorcycle owners will use creative and confusing techniques to foil the bad guys. One motorcycle owner wired a concealed two-way switch into his starter button. When he park he would flip the switch. If someone apart from him push the starter button, the horn will start honking and it would not stop until the owner(the one who knows easy methods to flip the fitting switch) will turn it off. Another one reconfigured his petcock handle, so it’ll look like on reserve, when off.

There are numerous ways you possibly can rewire and reconfigure choke controls and stuff to confuse the thieves and make them appear like idiots. What do you think these felons would react if confronted with a clutch that will not engage or there are no shift lever there to decide on a gear or a center stand that won’t retract

If you live in apartment complexes, naturally you park your motorcycle in communal garages. To supply a challenge for thieves, negotiate a spot where you’ll be able to anchor your motorcycle to a pillar or pipe and to prevent passers-by from prying, a motorcycle cover with locks is recommended. If you own your garage you possibly can DIY or pro install a dedicated security system or as an extension of the security system on the rest of your property. Again be creative, you possibly can set a tied black thread to your motorcycle to a pile of bottles in your garage. If a trespasser will trip over the thread, the sound of breaking glass will surely alarm you and your neighbors.

In your garage, you possibly can secure your motorcycle by anchoring it to the bottom. Use a U-shaped steel anchors with heavy-duty chain and lock that’s inserted thorough the frame and anchor it in your garage floor and lock it with industrial grade padlock. A camera, door motion sensors,pressure pad and motion-activated floodlights on the entrance will foil a break-in.

remote switch cfl-053-4


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