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To fix To repair A Buzzing Dimmer Light

Dimmer switches can be installed rather than conventional wall switches to provide homeowners more control over a room’s ambiance. Light dimmers can be found in quite a lot of styles, equivalent to a dimmer knob or a slider switch. No matter the kind of dimmer installed, a frequent complaint is that the switches or lights emit a buzzing sound after installation. Although the buzzing sound may worry homeowners, fixing it is a straightforward task.

Wireless Black 3 Gang 1 Way Wall Touch Switch For Light 86(Jens Lambert/Demand Media) Things You will Need
Low-wattage light bulbs
Rough service light bulb
130-V light bulb
Dimmer switch with LC filter
Step 1Turn off the light, whether it is currently on, and permit the light bulb to cool down.

Jens Lambert/Demand Media Step 2Remove the light bulb from the light and replace it with a lower-wattage bulb. Some dimmers emit push pull button switch a buzzing sound when light bulbs are near the utmost wattage for the dimmer, as specified on the dimmer packaging. That is very true in fixtures with multiple bulbs. Replacing the entire bulbs with a lower wattage will often stop the buzzing sound.

Jens Lambert/Demand Media Step 3Turn the sunshine back on after which adjust the dimmer switch to see if the buzzing has stopped. If the buzzing is still present, additional troubleshooting is required.

Jens Lambert/Demand Media Step 4Turn the sunshine off, remove the bulb and insert a rough service bulb. It is a more durable bulb frequently used in appliances and heavy-duty work lights. The filament in rough service bulbs is not going to vibrate, which may sometimes cause the buzzing sound. If you can not discover a rough service bulb, you can substitute a 130-V light bulb.

Jens Lambert/Demand Media Step 5Turn the sunshine back on to see if the buzzing noise is gone.
Jens Lambert/Demand Media Step 6Replace the dimmer with a higher-grade unit containing an LC filter if the lower-wattage bulbs and rough service bulbs do not fix the buzzing sound. The “L” stands for inductance and the “C” stands for capacitance; however, the packaging on the dimmer will simply say “LC filter.”

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