Light Switch Modules

You could you might buy different, face plates, I have standardized on white, (I developed my system, step-by-step) but would like to change for stainless once i redecorate the lounge. Also if they might manufacture std sockets etc with the lightwaverf plates, heaven!

I came upon the system was modular, after i knoked off the back of a lightwaverf module by accident.

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Glass Light SwitchesThe click system from Scolmore shows the strategy to go, although it looks like a normal light switch, from outside it is actually a grid system and you should buy the separate modules. I’ve replaced quite a few light switch modules, with emergency lighting key switch modules on lightwaverf/PIR controlled lights. It gives you an isolation, turn off option without turning the circuit off by accident.


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