LED Dimmer Switch Enables More Possibilities For LED Lighting

In relation to LED lighting, the most important features are high energy efficiency, luminous flux and low heat generation. Actually more possibilities of LEDs can be activated while working with a LED dimmer switch.

A LED dimmer switch enables users to create the right moods for their different environments by adjusting the brightness of LED lamps and setting dynamic changing patterns. Many individuals have no idea that how to choose a right dimmer switch for his or her LEDs since there are numerous kinds of LED dimmer switch available in the market. Actually it’s not that difficult as they think, determine the next issues previous to purchasing a dimmer switch in your LED lamps, you will definitely get what you want.

The Input type of your LED lamps

LED lamps available in the market can be found with different input types: AC and DC. First you have to confirm the input type of your LED lamps. Generally the lights with high power LEDs as light source are designed with AC high voltage input, for example LED bulbs and high power LED downlights. The lights with SMD LEDs as light source are designed with DC low voltage input, as an example LED strip lights and LED panel lights. These specifications are clearly printed on the package or user manual of the lamps.

Whether the LED lamp is dimmable

After all the fundamental requirement is that your LEDs shall be dimmable. Please be noted that not all of them are dimmable and some are non-dimmable. It’s impossible to dim non-dimmable LEDs, what you get will be flickering or burning out for those who do so.

Total load of lamps you prefer to to manage

Once above issues are clear, the subsequent step is to calculate the total load of LED lamps you prefer to to regulate. And the utmost load shall not exceed the LED dimmer switch’s maximum output power, otherwise the lamps can not work well.

Choose the correct dimmer switch

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There are various types of dimmer switch available out there, Triac (phase cut) and PWM are the most popular ones. Generally Triac is for just for AC LEDs, and PWM can be utilized for both AC and DC input LEDs depending on the dimmer design. What it is advisable do is to choose corresponding ones in accordance with the input type of your lights. AC LEDs shall work with an AC output dimmer, DC LEDs shall work with an DC output dimmer.

Choose the proper control unit

Control unit is a signal sender that sends control signal to the dimmer, there are numerous forms of control unit available in the market including traditional push switch, analog signal (0/1-10V), digital signal (DMX, DALI) and wireless signal (RF, IR) etc. You may choose in line with your preference, and you have to ensure that the dimmer shall designed with the corresponding control interface. Once determine all these 5 issues, you’ll choose the proper dimmer switch for your LEDs.


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