Learn how to Replace A Four Way Switch

Four Way Switch

A four way switch is a switch that helps control lights or a light from 3 or more locations. What I mean by this is if you have 3 locations two of them might be 3way switches and 1 will likely be a 4way switch. I’ll discuss how this works in other blogs but letsconcentrate on how you can replace one.

1) Tools.
a) Thin flat head screw driver
b) Phillips head screw driver
c) drill(optional)
d) wire strippers(maybe)
e) ac tester
f) electric tape

5) Check and make sure power is turned off!!!! This is crucial part of this project. Your tester should have a black and red lead on it. Set your tester to 120v ac and place one lead on one of many screws of the switch and the other lead on the metal box. If you don’t have a metal box then you definately definitely haveromex and you’ll have bare wires within the box. These bare wires are your ground, place your other lead on the bare wires. Should you wouldn’t have a metal box or bare wires Stop and call an electrician, we’d like to make sure the facility is off. I am sorry but we don’t desire anyone getting hurt. While keeping your one lead on either the box or the bare wires place the opposite lead on each screw ensuring that your meter shows no power. I don’t want to scare anyone but it surely does hurt whenever you get shocked and most importantly it may possibly kill you. Electricity is fun for me and that i work with it everyday but you probably don’t, so be careful.

6) Decide what kind of switch you may have. A four way switch ispretty easy to identify. It has four screws with four wires connected to it. If you already have the switch skip to #8, if you do not put the switch back in for safety never leave wires exposed for other people to play with. This is electricity SAFETY FIRST!!!!!

7) Go to the store and buy the switch. Your ready to buy the switch. This is the easiest and for some people probably the most frustrating. Do yourself a favor and look at the switch before you purchase it. I do not know what number of times I went out and bought a switch that was within the wrong bin. I get all the way back after which I decide to look at it turn around and go back to the store. Don’t think because its in a box that says four way you will have a four way. People take out the switches and put them within the wrong box.Believe me it has happened to me loads of times in the past, but not anymore, i check. Also your new switch will not say “ON” or “OFF” on it, that’s a single pole.

8) Identify your wires. On a four way switch there are 2 sets of travelers I’m not going to elucidate how this works in this article just the replacement today. That might be a full article in its self. An easy option to identify this is by looking at your switch. You must have 2 silver screws and 2 black screws. If your switch doesn’t have these markings on the screw you might want to look into the box. There should be 2 wires coming from the same pipe or romexconnecting to the switch and 2 wires coming from a separate pipe or romex connecting to 2 other screws. Take your electric tape and mark 2 of the wires coming from the identical pipe or romex. This is the most important a part of the installation. If you mark this wrong you can be in need of an electrician to figure it out for you. In case your switch has black and silver screws take 2 wires of the identical color screws and mark them before taking the opposite two off. Now that you simply marked 2 wires take the opposite 2 off.

9) Connecting the brand new switch. Pick up your switch and make sure it’s a four way switch. Hold it with your left hand so the screws face up and the decorative side is facing you. Take the marked wires and wrap them around the black screws, make sure the wires are completely under the screw and tighten. It’s possible you’ll have to strip slightly more insulation off the wire to get an excellent loop across the screw. Sometimes the loop is just too long and you could have to shorten the exposed copper in your wire. If it is advisable to make a new loop that is how you do it. Strip about an inch of exposed copper in your wire. To make a good loop your strippers usually have a small hole near the teeth of the tool. Place the wire half way into the outlet and bend, that ought to give you a pleasant loop. Take the remaining wires and wrap it across the remaining screws and tighten.

10) Installing the brand new switch. Your switch at this point needs to be facing you. There isn’t a the other way up here so carefully push the switch into the position. While pushing the switch in the wires must be pushed in in order that they fall easily into the box. It takes practice so get the wires in there so it does not seem like a knot. The two screws on the switch’s yoke needs to be lined up with the holes on the highest and bottom of the box. Screw the highest one in almost all the best way. Now screw in the bottom one so the yoke touches the drywall. Finish screwing in the highest screw so the the switch is snug to the drywall. Do not over tighten just snug. This probably made the bottom one lose so make that one snug too.

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Glass Light Switches12) Finishing. Put the plate back on. Please for me be certain your screws are all facing the same way in your plate(i know but its a pet peeve) In case your box has multiple switches chances are you’ll must slide your switch left or right to get the plate on. Turn the power on because you just finished installing your first switch.

13) Check. Be sure you wired it correctly. To do that flip the switches in this order (it doesn’t matter which number you assignthe switches) 1 flip 2 flip 3 flip(don’t flip again simply because your going back to 2) 2 flip 1 flip. Congrats, you just finished installing your first four way switch!!

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