Is Using The Light Switch Screw OK To Ground A Wire?

Wireless Black 2 gang 1 way Touch On Off Light Switch Wifi

My house was inbuilt 1950 and a number of other light switches would not have ground wires. I believe there is no ground wire since I cannot find a wire that’s bare – they are all coated.

I need to install a Lutron Motion Sensor, however it requires to connect with a ground wire. That is for a hallway light that is also controlled by another switch at the alternative end. Once i installed it without connecting the wires which might be expected to be connected to ground, nothing happened. Meaning, the switch did not work. I assume it was because the documentation was correct, that ground needs to be connected.

The person on the hardware store said to only connect the ground wires to the screws that afix the light switch. Is this OK? Is that this safe?


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