Is A Ground Required When Replacing An Old Single Pole Single Throw Switch?

Have to have to replace a switch that controls a single light source in a bathroom.

The switch has two wires connected to it. I bought a replacement switch that has two screws (one for each wire), and a green ground screw.

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Is it OK to attach just the 2 wires to the brand new switch and have the green ground screw unconnected?

This isn’t a remodel. Just trying to replace a switch that is broken.

EDIT: strangely, I did not see a ground screw on the unique switch. Was this permissable at a while?

EDIT 2: Picture as requested. The left switch is for a light source and is the broken one. Right switch is for a fan. The two switches are on the identical circuit. The outlet is on a separate circuit.

I can not tell if the box is metal. It seems plastic but could be painted metal I suppose.


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