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To transform To transform Existing An Bathroom For Handicapped Use

Residential bathrooms pose great dangers for people whose abilities are limited. The two biggest bathroom safety hazards are falling and inappropriate access to drugs. An individual whose mobility and balance are compromised could be very prone to sustain serious injury from a fall in a slippery bathroom. Someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can mistakenly ingest intermediate switch installation potentially lethal prescription drugs if they’re not properly secured. A frail person can accidentally scald herself if the hot water temperature is not regulated. You possibly can modify bathrooms for handicapped access without costly remodeling.

Things You will Need
Plumbing and woodworking tools
3 Grab bars
Toilet seat extender
Portable shower bench
Nonskid shower mat
Nonskid bath rug
Anti-skid strips
Bath-products wall dispenser
Hand-held shower nozzle
Single-level faucets
Anti-scald valve kit
Protective pipe wrap
Child-proof cabinet latches
Portable locking intermediate switch installation medicine cabinet
Nonlocking door knob
Doorknob sleeve
Offset door hinges
100-Watt light bulbs

Modify the under-sink cabinet to a height of 28 to 34 inches from the floor and 36-inches wide to offer ample wheelchair access. Replace standard bathroom door hinges with offset hinges, increasing the door opening width by 2 inches. Replace the prevailing doorknob with one that does not lock to stop the patient locking himself inside. Securely attach grab bars contained in the shower, on the toilet, and near sink and counter.

Install the anti-scald valve kit in accordance with product instructions. Change out the shower and sink faucets and replace with single-lever faucets that are easier to use. Wrap any exposed under-sink pipes with protective covering to guard against burns. Install the new shower nozzle and verify that the extension hose is long enough to accommodate the reach of a caregiver providing assistance to the patient.

Attach childproof latches onto every cabinet door. Mount bath products dispenser within the shower. Place a nonskid mat and shower bench inside the shower and the bath rug just outside the shower door. Apply anti-skid strips around toilet, sink and shower areas of existing bathroom flooring. Switch to brighter light bulbs, no less than 100 watts.

Wireless Touch Switch White 1 Gang 1 way Touch Panel Switch

Tips make certain bathroom window is securely locked.
Unsupervised use of small electrical-grooming appliances will be dangerous to memory-impaired people.
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