If The Light Switch Is Off Can I Touch The Electrical Wires Safely?

The safest way for somebody who knows what he or she is doing in a domestic setting is to isolate the circuit that powers the sunshine. This may be done by:

Wireless Black 2 Gang 1 Way Touch Switch Touch Panel Switch 86Leaving the sunshine on, after which switching off the breakers one after the other until the sunshine goes out. We then have found a breaker that caused the light to go off. But it does not guarantee that this breaker is the one powering the light fixture. A bit on this later. Let’s call this breaker ‘A’. Now we then leave breaker A on and switch off all other breakers until all is switched off and your light is still on.

Under rare cases you could find a second breaker being switched off causing the sunshine to go off as well. If this is the case, let’s call this new breaker you found breaker ‘B’. Now we shall repeat the procedure by leaving breaker A & B on and start switching off other breakers. For those who find a breaker C then repeat with the same procedure leaving breakers A, B & C on.

The explanation for this procedure is that there’s increasingly more automation in our houses and also for example simple wireless remote control type switches where the remote basically turns a relay on and off. The facility to trigger this relay and the power that really powers the light could also be from different circuits. Within the extreme case which doesn’t make practical sense but is electrically possible to happen is where a relay powers another relay that powers the sunshine, giving the breaker A, B & C condition above.

Wait, this is not the top. After you might have come to the conclusion for instance that you’ve got in your situation breakers A & B activating & powering your light, you still must do a final check by leaving all your breakers on and:
Switch off breaker A and your light must switch off.
Then turn breaker A back on and switch off breaker B off and your light must turn off as well.

The reason being that someone may very well tie two circuits from two breakers together parallely for reasons only known to them. See picture below that shows CB2 & CB3 circuits are tied together. In this case, either of the 2 breakers CB2 or CB3 on will still enable the light or load to be powered on. So we have to also find out whether that is the case. A dangerous situation may be that you just start turning off from left to right and assume that only CB3 powers your light and switch CB1 & CB2 back on because other members of the family needs to use the computer or TV sets while you’re employed on repairing the sunshine.


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