How to Wire A Disconnect Switch

Disconnect switches are useful to have in case of flooding or fire, when it will become dangerous for your home to have live AC power. Having a disconnect switch outside the home also provides a safe way to turn off your property’s power source. Adding a disconnect switch is inexpensive and does not require much time or equipment.

Wireless White 2 Gang 1 Way Finger Touch Light SwitchThings You may Need
Disconnect switch
Electrical wire
Wire strippers/cutters
Multimeter or Voltage indicator light

Turn off the breaker, or power, to the circuit where you may be installing the disconnect switch. Use a multimeter or voltage indicator light to ensure that there is not any live voltage in the circuit.

Mount the disconnect switch as close as you possibly can to the wire that feeds into the circuit you wish to interrupt.

Wiring your disconnect switch will vary slightly from one type of switch to another. Depending on whether you have got a 110V or 220V circuit, you will have either 3 or 4 wires. One will ground (a bare copper or green wire), one might be neutral (a white wire), and one or two shall be hot wires (black or a mix of black and red).
Also, depending on the kind of disconnect switch you have, chances are you’ll or may not have to chop the neutral wire. Consult with the disconnect switch’s packaging for these details.

Attach the bottom wire in line with your disconnect switch’s instructions for safety. This may require using additional electrical wire, depending on your switch.
The neutral wire may or is probably not cut depending on the switch style.

Cut the new wire(s). If your switch designates a connector for the provision side, hook the wire coming from the circuit breaker or power meter here. The other wire, which results in the appliance or the rest of the circuit, might be connected to your disconnect switch on the side designated as the load. If the disconnect switch does not designate power and cargo, you’ll be able to connect either wire to either side.

Tips & Warnings
Ensure the circuit has no power before you cut any of the wires. Ensure that you follow all electrical safety procedures to avoid injury.
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