How one can Replace A Wall Light Switch In A Manufactured Home

White 1 Gang 1 Way Finger Touch Light Switch WirelessMost light switches in manufactured homes are single pole switches. When these kind of switches become faulty you will need to replace them, which is not difficult. Replacing light switches in a manufactured home is no different than replacing switches in a normal home. The secret’s to install the switch upright so that you can see the word “Onwhen turning on the lights. Light switches are a typical replacement in all homes and are available at most home improvement centers.

Things You’ll Need
Flathead screwdriver
Circuit tester
Wire stripper
New light switch

Turn off the circuit breaker to the switch you might be replacing. Circuit breakers, located inside your electrical box, will control all power to one side of a room or a complete room.

Remove the 2 screws that secure the cover plate to the wall. Remove the screws that attach the light switch assembly to the junction box. The switch is similar whether in a manufactured home or a standard foundational house.

Pull the switch away from the junction box, but don’t touch the wires. Place one probe of the circuit tester to the metal junction box after which place the other probe on one of the wire terminals on the switch. If the tester lights up, there is still power going to the switch. Turn off the correct circuit breaker and test the switch again. When the tester no longer lights, there isn’t any power going to the switch.

Loosen the two terminal screws that secure the black and white wires to the switch.

Cut off the bare end of each wire and take away ¼-inch of insulation with the wire stripper. This can ensure that you’ve got good contact when installing the brand new switch.

Connect the wires to the terminals of the new light switch. Bend the bare ends of every wire clockwise around its respective terminal screw. The black wire attaches to the negative terminal, which is usually product of brass. The white wire connects to the positive terminal. Tighten screws onto the wires, securing them to the switch.

Position the brand new switch in the junction box and secure it with the two retaining screws. Replace the switch cover and restore power to the circuit.

Tips & Warnings
Always disconnect power to light switches before attempting repairs.
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