Home “smart” Energy Conservation Message Control Light Switch

HC intelligent home network In power consumption, the lighting products become the air-conditioning, heating and electrical energy consumption after the second big. How do Home Energy Saving? October 30, 2009, a special “‘management-type schools in Guangdong Province’ Energy Saving Seminar” on the Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic held. Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association, the Deputy Director and Secretary-General Huang Jiusong said that with China’s economic development, energy conservation has become the core of China’s energy development strategy.

The seminar is a branch of China Construction Industry Association of Intelligent Building, technology promotion stations in Guangdong organized, Guangdong University Research Logistics Management, Shanghai, technology transfer, energy conservation service centers, Guangdong Women’s Professional Technical College, the Chinese interpretation of Equipment Technology Association of Professional Committee of venues and co-Dong Electronic Co., Ltd. Guangzhou contractors.

Energy conservation should take the initiative, energy-saving lighting is very important

Based on statistics, China’s building energy consumption is the world’s 3 times the identical latitude countries, accounting for the entire primary energy consumption 27.8%; Secondly, the lighting, air conditioning and other electrical equipment, accounting for the total building energy consumption 46%. China’s building energy consumption higher than the developed countries, mainly in building insulation and refrigeration, heating systems in poor condition.

With the rapid development of real estate, an entire set of lighting products, demand is growing significantly. Whether lighting needs, atmosphere, space rendering effects comparable to manufacturing, are inseparable from the lighting. In power consumption, the lighting products become the air-conditioning, heating and electrical energy consumption after the second big. Lighting energy consumption accounts for the whole building energy consumption 25% to 35%, accounting for 13% of total electricity consumption. The process of architectural lighting in use, in addition to light sources apart from their very own consumption of electricity, the lamps also have a corresponding heat. This a part of the heat is building the primary energy form large “air-conditioning, heating,” one in every of the main heat source.

Wireless White 1 Gang 1 Way Touch On Off Switch For Lamps 86Therefore, the selection of lighting products, has become very important. In 2009, a nationwide promotion of energy-saving lamp 62 million in 2010 to promote the task will reach 120 million. Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Global Environment Facility (GEF) signed the “China to phase out incandescent light, speed up the promotion of energy-saving lamps” project, plans to phase out incandescent bulbs within three years. As a daily home lighting, energy saving lamps ought to be preferred.

Smart home needs to be really “smart”

Workshop, staff presentation with a short message control light switch, to attract the eye of many people. Smart Home has been as a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle concept into the consumer perspective. But smart home can also be achieved “energy saving” smart home applications is currently the most common control function has two main blocks: one light, and second home appliances. Intelligent lighting control may be achieved by timer switch, adjustable brightness of lighting and other functions, and may set different lighting scenes to fulfill the needs of various times of illumination. Actually, the applying of these functions, it is completely possible for the home energy-saving effect.

Domestic building intelligent understanding and application of half a beat slower than abroad. To call home, you may turn off air conditioning because the highlight of intelligent home, is standing on the angle of engineers to determine things. Manufacturers can easily stand by itself position, exaggerated technical performance, or too much emphasis on the advanced nature of the function of a subsystem, which overlooked the sensible habits of users.

Real intelligence don’t need keys, but a “Servant-Servant”: No man’s control, no instruction, the system will quietly carry??? Silent (silent), it will automatically according to the situation of the owner to respond. The system hidden contained in the building, silently for the people. Liang Guoqin that determine a program’s standard is to see that it isn’t wise, there is no linkage of assorted systems, various systems are organically linked to the different situations make different responses.

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