Fan Needs Switch For Lights On Fan, Not Fan

Many fans are switched on and off with the sunshine, and this gets annoying. When you’ve got a newer home this could also be a simple fix for you. If not chances are you’ll need to run extra wires. I’d go through the steps even when you have an older home, you might get lucky and the wire could also be there. Also if your own home is run in pipe you’ll have to do a few extra steps but very easy also.

Fan needs switch for lights on fan, not fan

Wireless Touch Switch White 1 Gang 1 way Touch Panel Switch

1) Tools.
a) Thin flat head screw driver
b) Phillips head screw driver
c) drill(optional)
d) wire strippers(maybe)
e) ac tester
f) tape

4) Remove the switch. OK the fun part. Take a drill or a Phillips head screw driver and take out the screws on the highest and bottom of the switch. Now grab the yoke of the switch(that is the top and bottom of the switch) do not grab the switch by the side we want to make certain the ability is off and the only way to do this is to drag out the switch. The ability is located on the side so if you grab it by the sides and for some reason the power continues to be on you’ll get shocked. This is electricity SAFETY FIRST!!!!! So grab the yoke and pull out the switch. If you are in a box with multiple switches chances are you’ll need to remove multiple switches to be able to drag your switch out far enough to easily work on it. Wires commonly get stuck behind other switches so take the additional step you will wind up doing it anyway after trying to work with short wires and fail. Trust me I tried too.

5) Check and ensure power is turned off!!!!That is a very powerful a part of this project. Your tester should have a black and red lead on it. Set your tester to 120v ac and place one lead on one of many screws of the switch and the other lead on the metal box. If you do not have a metal box you then definitely have romex and you’ll have bare wires in the box. These bare wires are your ground, place your other lead on the bare wires. In case you wouldn’t have a metal box or bare wires Stop and call an electrician, we’d like to make sure the facility is off. I am sorry but we don’t desire anyone getting hurt. While keeping your one lead on either the box or the bare wires place the other lead on each screw ensuring that your meter shows no power. I don’t want to scare anyone however it does hurt once you get shocked and most importantly it will possibly kill you. Electricity is fun for me and i work with it everyday but you probably do not, so be careful.

6) Find the switch leg. Turn the ability back on. When you wondering why I made you check within the last step, I might such as you to learn the way to make use of your tester with the facility off first. So now with the power on and the switch within the off position, test the two screws on the switch. One must be on and the other off. We would like the one that’s off(also called the switch leg). Mark it with tape and turn the ability back off.

7) Trace the wire. You will need to follow the switch leg into the box. We have to see where it’s coming from in the box. It’s good to know exactly which romex this wire is coming from, or which pipe the switch leg is coming from.
a) You probably have romex, it must be coming from a wire that has a black, red, white, and bare wire. In case you have this, the red and black could also be spliced together, separate them and reconnect one of the wires to the switch then turn the power on. Turn the switch to the on position, if only the light or the fan turned on install a double stack switch.
b) In the event you had the red wire and the fan and the light still turned on, you will have to take the fan down and make sure you may have a red and black in the fan box and that they don’t seem to be connected together. If they’re seperate them and connect them idividually to the fan.
c) In case you had no red wire in box, check in the fan box while you’ve got it down. You may have a wire that always stays on in the box. Many persons are satisfied pulling the chain for the fan and switching the lights. So you will have to take the fan wire from the fan(usually full black) and connect it to the wires which are constantly hot(with the facility off after all).
a) Check to see if the switch leg is spliced to another wire, if it is, separate and reconnect one of many wires to the switch then turn the power on. Turn the switch to the on position, if only the light or the fan turned on, install a double stack switch.
b) Should you did not have and extra wire connected to your switch leg you will need to take the fan down and run a new wire to the fan. Either add a second switch or pigtail the constant hot wire on the switch, to make use of the chain on the fan. Check in the fan box while you may have it down. You could have a wire that always stays on in the box which you could connect to eliminating the need to run an additional wire. If you go this route you will have to take the fan wire from the fan(usually full black) and connect it to the wires that are constantly hot(with the ability off after all). But in case you have pipe why not run an extra wire and install a double stack switch.

Check your state and local codes before starting any project. Follow all safety precautions. Every effort has been made to make sure accuracy and safety.


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