ESP8266 WiFi Module Light Switch

So I’ve decided to hop on the ESP8266 WiFi module bandwagon and build a light switch with a few differences.

Wireless Touch Switch Black 1 Gang 1 way Light Switch1) the light switch must go within the wall and be the same size as the present panel light switches (deeper can be OK)

2) the circuit needs to pull power from the prevailing 250v power that runs through the switch

3) the light switch needs to contain a microphone so I can walk around the house issuing voice commands and each light switch can be able to hear the command and relay it to a central hub for processing.

4) the sunshine switches will use the esp 8226’s ability to be a wifi client and AP to create a mesh network so commands might be relayed around the house.

5) I need a design that an support as much as 4 switches in a single light switch panel.


1) What should I exploit to drag 5v from the 250v power supplier. I’ve seen switching power supplys but these are all fairly bulky and contain transformers. I was hoping that there was a smaller solution. I only need 250mA to power the device.

2) Can the esp 8226 be used to forward raw audio from a digital microphone. I might estimate the device will need to handle about 100Kbps given I probably will not have sufficient room on the device to compress before I send the information. So there are two parts to this question

a) is it possible to wire a microphone to the esp 8226 and capture the audio

b) can it handle 100Kbps

3) If I 3d print the panel and a mount box in PLA is that considered electrically safe ?

4) How much of a challenge is reception going to be if the antenna is within the wall? Should I expose the antenna on the switch face plate? As i’m designing the light switches as a mesh network there should be another light switch only a few meters away in most cases.


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