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Sony VAIO FW Laptop Overview – VAIO FW 270j

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Glass Light SwitchesThe webcam peers out at you from its reflective gray housing, but that’s virtually the thing marring the fluid silver. Below the display on either side there are large hinges, the rightmost hinge sporting a glowing green band which lights up when the non-public computer is on. In between the hinges lies the massive speaker bay and a few small media control buttons, colored silver obviously. The keyboard is given a generous border, and except for a little bit VAIO logo and some unsightly stickers you’ll find nothing but a well camouflaged trackpad on the big palmrest. 1 stylistic choice that disagreed with us however was the lid. It’s black with an enormous silver VAIO logo in the centre, which is fine, but we can’t understand why Sony chose to abandon the sleek look by giving it a grainy matte finish which was uncomfortable to the touch.

For a 16.4” laptop the Fw-270j is definitely fairly compact, measuring just 1.1” thick on the tip and 1.5” at the hinge. The general dimensions of 15.1 x 10.3 x 1.1-1.5” are reasonable for the form factor. The burden is 6.4lbs, which is respectable for a laptop of that size. Nevertheless, while it wasn’t overly cumbersome in the end, we still thought twice about carrying the laptop with us when we first decided to hold it outside the house. We imagine it’s a laptop you won’t mind moving when it is advisable to, but that you won’t bother moving very far if you don’t.

Despite feeling slightly miffed by the “Full HD 1080p” sticker on the front, the glossy 1600×900 LCD was bright and clear. Just to clarify, 1600×900 is HD-friendly but it’s only 720p (Sony explains that it’s only 1080p “when connected to a compatible HDTV”, which basically means it’s best to use it as a Blu-ray player). The back lighting was very bright on maximum settings, which helped fight off the glare of the glossy screen. The big display has excellent horizontal viewing angles, making it possible for multiple people to very easily watch a video concurrently. The vertical angles aren’t quite as good, but are still decent.

The back of the laptop is empty of ports, as it’s reserved for the display sliding back on its hinge.

The left side contains the facility jack and an exhaust fan, followed by the Ethernet and modem ports. Next comes your high end connectivity, with VGA followed by HDMI followed by i.LINK S400 (aka mini FireWire). Lat but not least, there’s an ExpressCard/34 slot.

The proper side is pretty simple, together with your inconspicuous unlabeled Blu-ray player followed by all 3 USB ports.

The front functions a battery light and a system activity light, followed by a wireless switch, multi-card reader, and eventually by audio in/out as well.

The FW270j is a laptop that’s clearly designed for multimedia enjoyment, and to that end the Blu-ray drive, HDMI port and high end display prove a valuable tandem. Next to the set of media control buttons, addititionally there is a button labeled “AV Mode” which calls up Sony’s in-built media playing software.

Another highlight is a programmable shortcut button however of the media control buttons, and an integrated webcam. Sony packs this laptop with software which will help you are ebay touch lamp switch taking your pictures and turn them right into a movie or every other type of presentation. You too can use it as a security camera of sorts which is able to only film when the camera detects motion.

One thing we didn’t like that much was the internal speaker. The amount got pretty loud, but the caliber of sound didn’t impress. For a private computer designed to play media, we were expecting more.

The VAIO FW270j was generally easy and comfortable to make use of. The keyboard is spacious and likewise the trackpad is smooth. The scale of the laptop felt comfortable resting on our lap. The FW270j ran cool and produced virtually no noise, even when actively playing a Blu-ray disc. Overall performance during casual use was generally snappy too. We generally had no complaints arising from our regular usage, and the coolness/quietness is actually downright impressive.

With an HDMI port, a Blu-ray player and a wonderful and brightly lit 16.4” 16:9 1600×900 HD display, the Sony VAIO FW270j is a laptop designed for multimedia and designed for it well. Competitive with media looks when played on it, the FW270j itself isn’t any slouch. With a minimalist design featuring an all silver chassis and black pebble keyboard, this laptop is simple on the eyes. It packs an Intel Core 2 Due P8400 2.26GHz along with 4GB RAM and a 320GB HDD too, so it’s hardly limited to multimedia use.

Gursel Batmaz is an expert content author, mostly about numerous Sony kinds. To learn more about Notebook types please take a look at relevant Notebook pages.

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