Easy methods to Wire A Light To A Wall Switch

Wireless 3 gang 1 way Wall Touch SwitchA household light and switch circuit is certainly one of the commonest and basic types of circuit found in a home. The circuit acts as a loop, with the switch breaking or establishing the connection and providing power to the sunshine. Hot, neutral and ground lines are fed from the breaker box and used to create the circuit. Though in this instance the switch is spliced into the recent signal resulting in the sunshine, it can be placed on either the new or neutral side, providing the same function.

Things You’ll Need
Light switch
Light fixture
Household wire (12 or 14 gauge)
Wire cutters

Disable power at the breaker to the circuit containing the light and switch.

Identify the amperage of your circuit. The wiring and switch you utilize must match the present carrying capacity of the circuit. A 20 amp circuit will use 12 gauge wiring, and a 15 amp circuit will use 14 gauge wiring. The switch should even be rated to handle the present of the circuit. Homes with aluminum wiring require the usage of “CU-AL” rated switches.

Separate the switch plate and switch from the switch box to access its terminals.

Route the black “hot” wire from the breaker power supply to the situation of your switch. Cut the wire and strip its end, and attach it to the bottom terminal of the light switch. Do so by loosening the wire-clamping screw, wrapping the bare end of the wire across the terminal and tightening the screw.

Attach the stripped-end of a chunk of black wire to the highest terminal of the switch in the identical fashion as Step 4. Attach the opposite end of this wire to the positive terminal of the light fixture.

Splice a wire into the white, neutral line leading from the breaker and run it to the negative terminal on the sunshine fixture. Attach it using the clamping screw.

Connect the ground from breaker to the grounding point on the switch. Run a wire from this grounding point to the bottom on the light fixture and secure in place.

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Replace the switch and switch plate and restore power to the circuit. Test for proper function. If the light switch does not function properly, power down the circuit and check all connections. If the switch still doesn’t work after securing all wire contacts, consider contacting your local electrician.

Tips & Warnings
Always disable all power before engaged on a circuit. Live household electrical circuits contain lethal voltages.
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