DIY Light Switch Wall Plates

Wireless Touch Switch Black 2 GANG 1 WAY Remote Control Light SwitchA couple of weeks ago I showed you a number of the updates I’ve been making in my kitchen as of late. The most recent project being the cabinet and countertop transformations! I couldn’t be happier with how that project turned out. If you happen to haven’t seen it yet, you actually do have to test it out HERE.

As often happens with home improvement projects, one thing has led to another around here. All of it started with tile to replace the tired, worn out laminate flooring, which then led to the cabinets, then the countertops, and this last week we finally got around to painting!

I discovered this gorgeous Restoration Hardware color called Silver Sage that Home Depot was able to reproduced using their Behr paint. Once again, I’ve been thrilled with the result. It’s the proper shade of pale silvery sage green.

As luck (or kismet) would have it, before the paint was even dry I was contacted by Legrand which makes a stupendous line of light switches and wall plates called adorne. They asked me if I could be considering installing just a few of their switches and then doing some DIY on the wall plates. They didn’t must ask me twice! Suddenly my OLD switches and wall plates were looking a bit shabby. (Funny, I never noticed that until we repainted. Like I said…one thing leads to a different!)

For the few days it took for the switches and wall plates to arrive I used to be wracking my brain trying to come up with a creative way to make use of the adorne customizable wall plates. I didn’t want anything too “flashy but I didn’t want “boringeither. As I obsessed over it while pulling a couple of weeds in my flower beds, it came to me! Flowers are always the answer. 🙂

I decided to revisit my handmade paper-making project that I did back in February and use THAT for the wall plates.

For the full TUTORIAL please CLICK HERE. For today I’ll give a Reader’s Digest version just to refresh your memories.

Like I said once i first did this…you can be amazed at how EASY it’s to make your own homemade paper.

The first step: Shred some paper (great recycling opportunity!) and throw it in your blender with some hot tap water. Let soak for 5 or 10 minutes after which pulse it to a pulp. A paper pulp!

Step Two: Fill a wide shallow pan with a few inches of water and add the paper slurry to it.

Step Three: Pluck just a few flowers out of your garden and chop them up into tiny pieces and sprinkle them into the paper slurry mixture. Stir until evenly distributed.

Step Four: Take a splatter guard (a budget ones you should buy on the grocery store), submerge it in the paper pulp mix after which slowly lift it up out of the combo, holding it as level as you may. Once it’s evenly covered, place the screen onto a dry dish towel and canopy it with another screen splatter guard. Then press a dry towel or sponge to it until most of the moisture it removed.

All to dry then peel paper off the screen and proceed to customize your wall plates with it!

For the kitchen, I chose to replace our old toggle switch with a sofTap switch. You’ll be able to choose from a complete host of other switches like motion sensor switches, whisper switches, dimmers, remotely-controlled smart switches…pretty much anything you possibly can think of. I love the clean look of the sofTap and the truth that it has a tiny light that stays illuminated in the middle even when the lights are turned off is very helpful when you’re fumbling around in the dark like I often do.

The options for the wall plates are equally impressive! They’ve got every color you possibly can imagine or you’ll be able to go glossy modern, mirrored, metallic, leather, or the customizable plate that I used. This option comes with a template that you need to use for any art project you need to create.

Just trace the template onto whatever art you choose/create, cut it out, remove the sticker on the wall plate to expose the adhesive, and then place your paper.

This step-by-step video was also very helpful!

As a final step I sealed the paper with 3 light coats of mod podge. That stuff is awesome.

Now my wall plate aren’t just LOVELY, but very durable as well. They should hold up just fine even in this high traffic area!

Think you’re up to making one yourself? Sure you might be! Like I always sayif *I* can do it…ANYONE can. 🙂

adorne would like to offer a lucky OGT reader the possibility to “adorne your home Enter to win $500 worth of adorne Switches and Wall Plates!

Just click on the link below to seek out out how you can enter!

the adorne my home contest

Contest ends September 30th so scoot on over there! Your walls will thanks!


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