DIY Light Operated Switch Kit Light Control Switch Module Board With Photosensitive DC 5-6V

Wireless White 3 Gang 1 Way Wall Touch Switch For Light 86

Light trigger mode (1-3): When the photosensitive resistance induction to the skin light from the matt to light or light gradually increased, the relay pull.
Dark trigger mode (2-4): When the photosensitive resistance induction to the surface light from the sunshine to the matt or light gradually weakened, the relay pull.
2). Set output mode by JMP2:
Relay passive output and triode-driven active output, JMP2 jumper cap set whether to let the relay work, if not use the relay passive output function, you can set the relay is just not working to scale back circuit power consumption, jumper cap in 2-3 position allows the relay to work, jumper cap in 1-2 position to prohibit the relay work.
1-2: Relay is not allowed to work
2-3: Relay is allowed to work


Model: OPS-1
Name: Light-Operated Switch DIY Kit
Finished product size: 45*38mm
Work voltage: 5-6V
Quiescent current: 1.5mA
Passive load Maximum power: 300W
Active load Maximum current: 400mA


It is assumed that users have soldering skills and troubleshooting skills to assemble this kit. Buyers are advised that because of skills of user is involved in assembly, it is not guaranteed every kit will end up being a working device. But we will make as much efforts as we are able to to approach that goal.


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