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The current invention pertains to a control switch for an electric winch, particularly to an improvement in a structure including a set of push button switches which provide control for the pulling, releasing, braking and stopping of an electric winch.

The coiling and uncoiling of a steel cable of an electric winch are controlled by forward and reverse push buttons of a control switch. The switches change the polarity of the motor in order that the motor can either be stopped or rotated in a clockwise or a counter-clockwise direction. As well as, the vast majority of conventional devices use a clutch and lining plate to complete the control after the cable is used in a lifting operation. However, such a braking force is large which makes it unsafe to use. Such a electric winch also requires a higher current to operate, and it is simple to wreck the unit during high current overload. The inventor of the current invention has developed a control switch mechanism for this purpose and has been granted with U.S. Pat. No. 5,349,148. The control switch disclosed within the patent is a push button having a V-shaped surface. Both edges of the push button are connected to positive and negative polarity circuits in order that the winch may be operated to coil or uncoil the cable.


The primary object of the current invention is to supply a control switch for actuating an electric winch to coil or uncoil a cable. The control switch features a handle, a set of forward and reverse buttons, and a switch box. Two sets of polarized conducting plates are provided inside of the switch box, and are used as connections for the motor and the DC voltage source. In addition, two sliding blocks are also provided to cooperate with the corresponding pushing of the push buttons. Through using the retractable springs and the conducting wipers provided inside of the 2 sliding blocks, and a “push” on the selected forward or reverse push buttons, the sliding blocks may be displaced in order that the conducting wipers of the corresponding sliding block and the 2 sets of polarized conducting plates might be configured into different circuits. Thus rotation of the motor may be controlled for rotation within the clockwise or counterclockwise direction, and the winch cable can be coiled or uncoiled. When the switches are of their normal positions, the two terminals of the motor are connected together, at this time, the principle of a generator applies and the twisting force of the motor is therefore enhanced, thus the braking force of the motor is also strengthened.

The underside cover 32 of switch 3 is supplied with a plurality of holes 322 for receiving screws 3221 which are used to secure the bottom cover in place. Thus, by the handle 1 and push buttons 2 and a pair of’, a control switch for coiling and uncoiling of an electric winch cable is formed, and its operation is shown in FIG. 6. When the push button body 25 is pressed, the push shaft 21 moves the sliding block 35 of the switch box 3 forward. Thus the conducting wipers 381 and 382 come into contact with the aforesaid positive and negative conducting plates 33 and 33′ of the DC voltage, or they arrive into contact with the positive and negative conducting plates of the motor. This configuration permits a choice of different types of circuits, and it also controls the rotation of the motor which allows the cable to be coiled or uncoiled during an electric winch operation.

FIG. 7 shows the conventional position, i.e. when the two push buttons should not being pushed, of the related conducting plates contained in the switch box 3. In this position, the positive and negative conducting plates 34, 34′ connected to the motor are involved with the conducting wipers 381, 381′ of the sliding blocks 35, 35′. Because the positive and the negative terminals of the motor are connected together, the phenomenon of a generator occurs. Thus the twisting force of the motor shaft is increased, which naturally strengthens the braking force of the motor shaft. As shown in FIGS. 8 and 9, the forward button 2 and the reverse button 2′ have been pushed, respectively. Through the conducting wipers 382, 382′ on the other sliding block 35′, the motor can either be connected to the positive or the negative terminals of the DC voltage, allowing the motor to be controlled in order to effect rotation in a clockwise or a counter-clockwise direction. This in turn controls coiling and uncoiling of the electric winch cable.
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