Changing A 3way Switch From A Receptacle To A Light

Wireless 3 gang 1 way Wall Touch SwitchMight want might want so as to add a light in a room in your home that is controlled by two switches. You have the switches already there but they control a plug, not a light and that is the problem. This article is going to inform you ways to do that. Lets get one thing out of the way in which, looking at colors in a box is one way of doing and has worked for me many times. Just look for the switch leg, but what in the event that they didn’t wire it the way in which normal electricians wire and used the wrong colors. I’ve found this to be true just as often as it was done correctley so i will explain the sure fire way. Trouble shootiong.

Changing a 3way switch from a Receptacle to a Light

1) Tools.
a) Thin flat head screw driver
b) Phillips head screw driver
c) drill(optional)
d) wire strippers(maybe)
e) ac tester
f) electric tape

2) Remove the plate cover from the switch. This will likely be the easiest part of your project. On the top and bottom of the switch there will probably be small screws. You will want the thin flat head screwdriver to remove these. If the placement you are installing the switch has multiple switches you will need to remove all the plate screws. Then remove the plate and place the screws and the plate together for replacing later. Don’t lose those little screws believe me they’re easy to lose.

3) Remove the switch from the wall. OK the fun part. Take a drill or a Phillips head screw driver and take out the screws on the highest and bottom of the switch. Now grab the yoke of the switch(that is the top and bottom of the switch) don’t grab the switch by the side we wish to make certain the power is off and the only solution to do that is to pull out the switch. The facility is located on the side so in case you grab it by the sides and for some reason the power continues to be on you will get shocked. This is electricity SAFETY FIRST!!!!! So grab the yoke and pull out the switch. If you are in a box with multiple switches chances are you’ll must remove multiple switches to be able to tug your switch out far enough to simply work on it. Wires commonly get stuck behind other switches so take the extra step you’ll wind up doing it anyway after trying to work with short wires and fail. Trust me I tried too.

4) Troubleshooting. a)It’s best to(if the house is not too old) have 2 gold screws and a black screw(three wires total) connected to the switch. Your tester could have a black and red lead. Start with the switch in the up position.
b)Take your black lead touch the metal box or in case you have romex touch the bare wires within the box the opposite lead will go to the black screw on the switch. When you’ve got 110v, move tester away so you do not get shocked and flip the switch to the down position. Test the black screw again. If the black screw remains to be hot this is the recent side of the three way,we’re searching for the switch leg so repeat this testing at the other switch. If your balck screw loses power while you flip the switch you found the switch leg c) Now you found the switch leg. Be certain that by plugging in a lamp, if the lamp is on test the switch leg (black screw) it should have current. Flip the switch the lamp ought to be off. Test the screw it should don’t have any power.
d) Turn the power off. Remove the wire from the screw and cap it. That screw is where is where you are going to attach your switch leg to your new light.
e) Disregard (e) you probably have a neutral in the switch box It is best to even have neutral within the box. If you happen to do not have a neutral in the box you’re in luck. The wire that you just took off the switch goes to a rectacle. Take your white tape and complety cover this wire with it. Now go to the receptacle and remove it from the box. Turn the facility on and test hot wires on the box. Now if the wire you took off is a unique color, like red, than you already know what wire you might be on the lookout for. I would such as you to check anyway to be sure. One of many wires shouldn’t be hot right now so that’s the wire we wish. Turn the facility off and remove that wire and mark it with white tape. The receptacle has a white wire connected to it, I want you to attach your now new white wire to this wire so you possibly can feed the switch box with a neutral. You need to put a brand new receptacle in because now half the receptacle does not work.
f) When you have a neutral within the switch box already disregard (d). Cap off the old wire you took off the screw and buy a new plug. Replace the old switched plug with the brand new and only connect the new and neutral and ground, that way you do not have half a plug not working.
g) Run your 3 wires to the brand new light and connect the switchleg, neutral and ground.

5) Finishing. Put the plate back on. Please for me be certain your screws are all facing the same way on your plate(i do know but its a pet peeve) If your box has multiple switches you could must slide your switch left or right to get the plate on. Turn the power on because you just finished installing your first switch.

6) Check. Be sure you wired it correctly. To do that flip the switches on this order (it does not matter which number you assign the switches) (1 flip) (2 flip) don’t flip again simply because your going back to 1) 1 flip. Congrats!!


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