Bulbs Compatible With A Dimmer Switch

Wireless White 3 Gang 1 Way Wall Touch Switch For Light 86Household dimmers only work properly if you use light bulbs compatible with the dimming system. With inexpensive dimmer switches, you might always hear some humming or buzzing once you dim the lights, despite using the right bulbs. However, if you hear loud buzzing and your light bulbs burn out quickly, try a different bulb type that’s more compatible along with your dimmer.


To supply light, incandescent bulbs use a tungsten filament that heats up once you turn the sunshine on by resisting the energy flowing through it. These light bulbs work with almost any dimmer switch available at home improvement stores. A variation on the tungsten light bulb, the tungsten-halogen lamp, adds halogen gas contained in the bulb to make the filament more efficient. Tungsten-halogen lamps produce a light that appears bright white at full power, in comparison with the yellow-tinted light of standard tungsten bulbs, but as you dim a tungsten-halogen lamp, the sunshine will become more yellow, even passing through stages of red or orange at the bottom levels.

Compact Fluorescent

You possibly can only dim certain compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, so check the product packaging before you buy. CFLs contain no filament. Instead, they encompass one or more gas-filled tubes with a white coating. Electricity excites the gas inside the tube, causing it to glow without much heat, making these light bulbs more energy-efficient than tungsten. The ceramic base of CFL bulbs contains a ballast that releases the energy needed to excite the gas, controlling the light’s brightness. Only CFLs with dimmable ballasts prove compatible with dimmers.


Some light-emitting diode, or LED, bulbs rate as dimmer-compatible, but as with CFL bulbs, check your product packaging. As inherently low-voltage light sources, LED lights on a household lighting system must use bulbs that contain a transformer within their base, to convert the household’s 120 volts to the 12 volts or less required by LED systems.

For an LED light bulb to work with a household dimmer switch, it must also contain a driver with variable voltage control. You may need a selected type of dimmer switch to make use of with LED lights to remodel the voltage before it flows through the dimmer to the light bulb, which in turn requires an LED bulb with no built-in transformer, as the facility has already been converted. When planning to make use of LED bulbs on a dimmer, make sure the compatibility of all parts before you make your purchase.

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