Adding A Switch To An Existing Switch Box

Wireless Touch Switch Gold 3 Gang 1 Way Glass Light SwitchesAdding a switch to an existing box for a light is less complicated than you think. It’s worthwhile to ask, are you putting in a double stack or adding a separate switch. Either one is ok. This article is going to assume you have got the wire ran already. Read #’s 1-9 of this article if you haven’t ran or installed the light or wire yet. Do not do #10 unless your not putting dry wall up. After 9 come back to this article.

Adding a Switch to an Existing Switch Box

1) Tools.
a) strippers
b) Linesmen pliers
c) Wire Nuts
d) phillips head screw driver
e) drill
f) ground screw
g) meter

2) Finding the hot wire. Take a look at the existing switches. In case your other switch has two wires turn the switch to the off position, grab your meter and set it to AC. It should be set on a voltage higher than what you are working on. We are engaged on 120v so probably 200 on your meter. Touch certainly one of your leads out of your meter to the metal box, if your box is plastic touch it to the bare wires in the box. Take your other lead and touch it to one of many screws on the switch that has the wire connected to it. We’re looking for the live wire, so if that screw has no power touch it to the opposite screw, that one will probably be live all the time. Mark the live wire with black tape. In case your switch has three screws test the black screw the identical way. In case you loose power within the screw whenever you flip the switch check in the box for other wires that have constant 110v. If you don’t, you may have to add a wire from a receptacle to your switch to achieve this. It is best to have white wires in your box so ensure and test. Take your leads out of your white wires to the recent, you need to have 120v. If you don’t have any whites in you box your light will not work with no neutral, so get a white wire from a receptacle and feed it to your switch.

2) Shut the facility off to the switch. Go to your panel (your panel has the breakers or the fuses in it) and switch the breakers off one by one. Changing a switch is a one man job but if you wish to avoid running back a forth another person standing there and yelling at you when the sunshine shuts off helps. Or shutting all of the breakers off and the principle just to make certain is what I might recommend. This is electricity SAFETY FIRST!!!!!

3) Connect the Neutral and ground. You should have a white wire together with your new wires. Connect it to the opposite white wires in your box. You need to even have a green or bare with your new wires(unless you will have pipe, we use the pipe as ground so your good) connect it to the grounds in your box or connect it on to the box with a ground screw. The box has a threaded hole in the back for this screw.

4) Single pole switch. Skip this step if in case you have a double stack switch. Remove the live wire from the switch (with the facility off.) Cut two 8″ lengths of black wire and connect them to the live wire with a wire nut. Your going to do this by ensuring you strip the two 8″ wires about an 1″ or more and holding all of them together, and twisting. It should look much like this IMAGE. Now you have got two wires connected to the one live one, so connect one wire back to the old switch and the opposite to the brand new switch. Connect the wire coming from the the sunshine(not the white, green, or bare probably black) to the other screw on the brand new switch.

5) Double stack switch. Connect the live wire to the side of the switch that has the copper bar in between the screws. Connect your old switched wire to one of many screws on the side without the copper bar in between the two screws. Now connect the brand new wire to the remaining screw on the side without the copper bar in between the 2 screws.


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