2 Circuit Remote Control Smart Light Touch Switch

Remote control is on the market.

  1. Touch control is on the market.
  2. Remote control is out there after connected with intelligent rf socket plug.
  3. Self-off when power on again after off.
  4. With LED indicator.
  5. Direct replacement for the one 86 switch is out there.

Wireless Gold 3 Gang Touch Switch Touch Screen Light SwitchProduction Function Feature
1. Easy installation: Standard 86-type wall switch shape design, without the zero line, don’t need to change any lamps connection accessory
can directly replace the present wall switch.

  1. Compatible Lamp/light: fluorescent lamps,energy saving lamps,incandescent lamps,spotlights,halogen lamps (LED lights not lower than 15W, recommend using null firewire switch).
  2. Lightning protection design: equipped with lightning protection function, safe and reliable performance;
  3. Partition remote control: wireless remote control from partition wall is obtainable (lamps and lanterns in the sitting room may be remote control in a living room).
  4. Noninterference: adopting digital codec technology, omnidirectional, and won’t interfere with each other between the identical model within the neighborhood.
  5. Switch Self-extinguishing: after the blackout, power switch automatically closed when power on again, which avoids the waste of electricity.


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